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Happy New Year 2019

Another year gone. It was an amazing year for me. I had such a blast and hope y'all did too. May we all have a fabulous 2019!

So I have come out of hibernation and am ready to rejoin the world again. :) My depression kicked in and I have had a hard time shaking it off. I have spent the past 3 months catching up on editing, creating profiles on different platforms and trying to figure out how I want to proceed. Last year I hired a lot of talent, gathering exclusive scenes in an effort to boost memberships and sales. You know, expand and grow the business more! lol It didn't work. I lost business instead. So that may be what made this episode of depression so intense. Yep, I'm getting emotional right now, damn it. So anyway, I did do a lot of thinking on what I want personally out of life and what I need to do to obtain those goals.

It was a hard realization for me, which didn't help the depression, that I will not obtain my dream home. At this point in my life I expected to have the house I always wanted. But I don't make enough financially to have it all. I had to get over that disappointment by focusing on what was truly important for my happiness in life. And really it just means giving up some square footage and possibly never having a pool in my backyard again. A pool is a luxury, but one that I really want! lol Recently I found a brand new house with a floor plan that I really like, not as big but arranged in such a way that I have the space where needed and the flexibility to be creative with space in ways I can't in most houses. There is only one negative but it is one that I can easily live with. No house is 100% perfect. I have lived in enough different places to know that! lol It is more than I wanted to spend but brand new so I don't have to worry about anything major needed to be replaced for 15-20 years. Plenty of time to build a savings account to pay for it all when it happens. And perhaps one day I can add a pool. Can't lose hope!

So my goal is that in one year I start the process of buying a new house. I need one more year to save up. :) Then 3 years later I need to buy a new vehicle as my current one will be 20 years old. lol My beautiful beast is not quite so beautiful but she is just as strong as ever! Today we found out why the heat and AC has not been working. The part is obsolete. They no longer make them. I live in Florida. There is no way in fucking hell I will have a vehicle with no working AC. BUT they found a used part! For a small fraction of what the new one would have cost if it was available. My beast will live on! As long as the part works when it gets here next week sometime. lol Fingers crossed y'all! :)

Business wise, some changes have been made. Instead of 4 new videos a week, there will be 3. Less money coming in to pay for the site, the less money there is to spend on the site. Simple economics. My main focus of spending money will be in obtaining fuck videos with guys. That will continue to be the updates for Friday. With the occasional woman of course! Basically the fetish updates on Tuesday and Thursday will now be on Wednesday only. The fetish moving forward will mostly be my feet POV style and foot jobs. :) Worst case I will be the update on Monday and Wednesday. Friday I will be fucking someone! lol It's time to get to the basic of what I really enjoy doing. I love orgasms, sex, to fuck and be fucked. But mostly I love to give pleasure and drain your balls darlin! :) I'm lucky in that it seems my pleasure gives y'all pleasure.

I want to film mostly from my house as I did this year. Maybe a trip to Vegas once a year. I'm going this April btw. :) I also liked doing a house event in Orlando a couple of times a year with Sally. I have another female in mind to do a house event with next that I think y'all like. I have had the pleasure of sharing a cock with her only once for a blow job. But I have played with her a few times.

I gave up cigarettes September 9th, 2018. For the 4th or 5th time. lol This time it is permanent. I have learned that I need a replacement to make this work. My crutch is a CBD oil vape. Most days I rarely hit it, some days I'm hitting it all day long. lol The consequence to quitting cigarettes is I have gained about 10 pounds already. I have not made working out a habit yet. It is sporadic. Tomorrow I see my chiropractor and I am determined that starting on Saturday every morning I will start my day with 20-30 minutes of exercise.

So that's the basics of where I am at currently in life. I think I have got y'all caught up with what I have been doing. I live a quiet sedentary life. I work 7 days a week and that's about it. lol Although I have taken several days off in the past couple of months. And I took back my evenings several months ago!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and your new year is off to a great start!


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