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Sunday June 26
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Saturday June 1
Shoot with Chery Leigh

Shoot with Chery Leigh
Shooting GG and Foot Fetish scenes. Accepting custom video orders and scene ideas.
Sunday June 2
Monday June 3
Dick Dating Game

Leilani’s husband has passed away. She really missing having sex so when she found out about the Date a Cock show, she applied to be a contestant. She was so horny and needed to be fucked. She was so excited when she was chosen to be on the show. She had been married a long time but were all cocks really this similar? This one in her mouth looked and felt like her husband’s cock. Oh this was going to be grand! She liked her husband’s cock. She can’t wait to meet this guy so she sucks him off quickly.
Dick Dating Game

Tuesday June 4
Wednesday June 5
Shoot with Alexi Rain

Shoot with Alexi Rain
We are filming GG and Fetish videos. Want a custom video? Let me know asap!
Escape From The Nightmare

Petite milf was the victim of a home invasion. She was left taped up in a hog tie. She is frightened and trying to free herself from the tape. She rolls around struggling to break free. She pulls on the tape grunting, moaning, crying, screaming for help. She doesn’t expect any visitors for days. She has to free herself! She continues to struggle, getting mad, thrashing about and finally feels one tape break. Now she just has to free her hands and feet. She can do this!
Escape From The Nightmare

Thursday June 6
Shoot with TheFeetGuide

Shoot with TheFeetGuide
Filming a couple of foot job videos.
Friday June 7
Ganja, Foot Play N Fucking

I met up with Slink one afternoon while in Vegas. I heard he liked to get high and since I was in Vegas, I had to get a pre-rolled to try out. When he mentioned he liked my feet, I started teasing him with my feet. His pants came off quickly so I could play with his cock while we finished smoking. My pussy was getting wet looking at his cock so eventually you know I had to lick, suck and fuck him! No story line, just us having fun getting to know each other. Did I mention he has BIG cum shots?
Ganja, Foot Play N Fucking

Saturday June 8
Leilani N Raven Elegant

Photographer: Rob McRae
Raven Eve and I had spent a couple of days together recently. We hung out, went to the beach, filmed several videos and did a few photo sets. This is the first set of photos we remembered to do. Raven is absolute blast to work with!
Leilani N Raven Elegant

Sunday June 9
Monday June 10
Fuck Us Please

We both have volunteered our pussy for you to fuck. Fuck us in doggy, so you get nice and deep with your balls smacking against our clits. Which ass will make you cum? You have 2 minutes in each of us. Keep switching until you spill your seed on one of our asses. Our asses are lined up and ready for you!
Fuck Us Please

Tuesday June 11
Wednesday June 12
Stockings Worship 2

Petite milf in red stockings and garter belt, knows you like stockings. She is curious which direction your eyes travel when you see her in stockings. Do your eyes start at the shoes and rise to the top of her stockings? Or do your eyes start at the top of her stockings and travel down to her feet? She knows you enjoy the look and feel of soft silky nylons wrapped around sexy legs. She teases you with her legs knowing she is making your dick grow hard.
Stockings Worship 2

Thursday June 13
Friday June 14
Visiting With Wayne

Mature milf has not seen her bull in months. When he stops by her house one afternoon, she can’t keep her hands to herself. She wants her pussy pounded good and hard by his young big black dick. She drools at the thought and quickly gets his cock into her mouth before he fucks her.
Visiting With Wayne

Saturday June 15
Leilani N Raven Office

Photographer: Rob McRae
Raven Eve and I had spent a couple of days together recently. We hung out, went to the beach, filmed several videos and did a few photo sets. This is the second set of photos we remembered to do. I did not realize our eyes are the same color! Even is so sexy and fun!
Leilani N Raven Office

Sunday June 16
Monday June 17
Pushing Your Limits

Coming 06/17/2019

Since that first time I saw you using my dildo, we have enjoyed many play sessions together. Using my strap on to fuck you has been so fucking hot, especially when I stroke your hard dick at the same time and watch you cum hard. Tonight we are going to push your limits a bit further. You have done so good sucking my strap on dick that I think it is time for you to suck a real dick. I invited a friend over to join us. He wants his big black dick sucked by you!
Pushing Your Limits

Tuesday June 18
Wednesday June 19
Worship Mature Feet

Coming 06/19/2019

Your roommate has a friend over, a mature redhead who has feet as cute as your roommate does. You slip into her bedroom, knowing they would be hanging out in bra and panties with bare feet dangling at the end of the bed. You can smell the scent of their feet. Your roommate sees you on the floor, at first mad telling you to go away but then decides to make you jerk off while worshipping their feet, all 4 of them. Alternating between being nice and humiliating you
Worship Mature Feet

Thursday June 20
Friday June 21
Morning Wood Satisfaction

Coming 06/21/2019

Milf strolls into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. She has just woken up. As she turns around her young man has walked in with his morning wood making a tent in his boxers. Milf is surprised and intrigued. He wants her to take care of his raging hard on. She hesitantly reaches out to touch his now exposed big dick. She can’t help herself she drops to her knees to suck his cock. His cock is so good she bends over the counter asking him to fuck her. When the urge to ride is throbbing dick comes over her, she tells him to get on the center island so she can fuck him.
Morning Wood Satisfaction

Saturday June 22
Leilani N Raven Casual

Coming 06/22/2019

Photographer: Rob McRae
Raven Eve and I had spent a couple of days together recently. We hung out, went to the beach, filmed several videos and did a few photo sets. This is the third and final set of photos we remembered to do. Raven is absolute blast to work with!
Leilani N Raven Casual

Sunday June 23
Monday June 24
Lei's Motel Episode 20

Coming 06/24/2019

An older woman has checked into Lei’s Motel. Lei can’t help herself. She hasn’t had a woman in a long time. Lei bursts into her room to discover her guest in lingerie. Lei asks her guest to sign the register and quickly seduces her into multiple orgasms offering to come back for breakfast in bed.
Lei's Motel Episode 20

Tuesday June 25
Wednesday June 26
POV Foot Worship 8

Coming 06/26/2019

Petite milf has you mesmerized, sitting on the floor close to her feet. She has seen you eyeing her feet all afternoon. Complimenting her on her nail color choice. She has been wiggling her toes driving you nuts. Now she has you alone on her living room floor, teasing you with her feet in your face. When she realizes your dick is hard, she encourages you to jerk off and spill your seed on her toes.
POV Foot Worship 8

Thursday June 27
Friday June 28
Dr Makes House Call 5

Coming 06/28/2019

Dr Lei receives a house call from a gentleman not feeling well enough to come to her office. She makes the trip to his house. What a cutie! Dr Lei exams him while asking him questions. While she doesn’t find anything amiss with his body, he apparently has not had an orgasm in quite awhile. Dr Lei’s diagnosis is his balls need to be drained to get his body working properly again. She of course assists him with his prescription.
Dr Makes House Call 5

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