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Sunday January 29
Monday January 30
Tuesday January 31
Wednesday January 1
Bare Toes Foot Job

I know you like my feet. While my hand strokes your semi hard dick, I tell you to prove to me that you like my feet. How badly do you want me to wrap my wrinkled soles around your hard dick? Your dick becomes rock hard so I oil up my feet and wrap them around your big thick black dick and milk the cum out of you. Filmed POV.
Bare Toes Foot Job

Thursday January 2
New Shoes 14

Photographer: Merlin

These were taken as a Thank You for a fan gifting me the shoes and stockings.

New Shoes 14

Friday January 3
Leilani meets Flex Fit

I met up with an older man who had muscles upon muscles while at Exxxotica Miami. Flex Fit is just getting started in the industry and I had to meet up with this man. I’m glad our schedules worked out to film this scene. He took his time bringing me to orgasm after orgasm. I think the man could go all day! I finished him off with a hand job. His cum load was so huge my hands were covered.
Leilani meets Flex Fit

Saturday January 4
Sunday January 5
Monday January 6
Masturbate After The Beach

Milf arrives home after being at the beach. She had taken her dildo and lube hoping for a morning masturbation session in a quiet spot while at the beach as she often does. She loves being outdoors and semi public getting herself off. The thrill is exhilarating. But today there were too many people around so she had to wait till she got home to get off.
Masturbate After The Beach

Tuesday January 7
Bare Toes FJ 2

Photographer: TheFeetGuide
Bare Toes FJ 2

Wednesday January 8
POV Foot JOI 20

A sexy milf and a cute redhead have their feet in your face, teasing you, encouraging your to stroke your dick for their wiggling toes, wrinkled soles. Did you see the freckle on the redhead’s foot?
POV Foot JOI 20

Thursday January 9
Friday January 10
Casting Couch 7

Leilani was scouting for new talent for PFM Lei Productions. A young handsome man who came highly recommended after just a few scenes. He was so temptingly cute that Leilani had to give him a try. You know to see if he has what it takes to be a stunt cock. He is a dominant man who takes control to give Leilani pleasure. It seems the man has a foot fetish. With a little coaching this man will go far. Leilani recommends him for additional scenes.
Casting Couch 7

Saturday January 11
Sunday January 12
Monday January 13
Sex Therapist Teaches Hand Job

Dr Lei has a young couple seeing her for the first time. Seems the wife is not very good at hand jobs according to her husband. He loves sex and it is great but he sometimes just wants a HJ and she is not up to the task. He needs help in teaching her how to do a good hand job. Dr Lei helps the young lady out by observing her technique and offering suggestions while she strokes her man’s hard cock.
Sex Therapist Teaches Hand Job

Tuesday January 14
Wednesday January 15
A Storm Of Wrinkles

You need to build endurance for the day you will feel my wrinkled soles against your hard throbbing dick. This storm of wrinkles have caused many a man to explode early. Think about how delicious these oiled wrinkles will feel sliding along your cock, while I show you how deep the wrinkles of my sole are. Stroke your cock and build your endurance to these soft wrinkled soles.
A Storm Of Wrinkles

Thursday January 16
Friday January 17
Watch Me Cuck

My cuck, you have been granted access into the bedroom while I am being fucked by one of my bulls. You are allowed to watch and jerk your dick while I am being pleasured by my bull. Watch me being fucked well, being made happy, which you cuck can’t do for me. But you know that a happy wife is a happy life. This is what it looks like when I am being sexually pleased. Your reward comes after my bull gives me a cream pie cucky.
Watch Me Cuck

Saturday January 18
Sunday January 19
Monday January 20
JOI with Leilani 3

Petite hot mature sexy milf teases you with her body. Showing off her legs, her stomach, her small tits, her round bouncy ass, her delectable pussy. The entire time she is talking to you in her soft sexy voice encouraging you to stroke your hard throbbing dick for her.
JOI with Leilani 3

Tuesday January 21
Wednesday January 22
POV Nylon Worship 6

Leilani and Katt arrive home, plop down on the couch for a rest before going about the business of making dinner. Their roommate quickly enters the room to sit on the floor in front of them, his nose twitching. This is starting to be a habit with him. They have figured out he has a thing for their pantyhose feet so they tease him. Telling him to sniff their feet. Did that make your dick hard? Stroke your dick for us. Yes right here in front of us. No more scurrying off to your room to wank. We want to watch as we tease you with the aroma from our feet.
POV Nylon Worship 6

Thursday January 23
Friday January 24
Bringing You Desert Cucky

Coming 01/24/2020

Cucky I picked up a bull at the grocery store. I forgot to buy the desert you asked for but will bring home a desert you can eat out of my pussy. While I am playing with this handsome bull, I will take video to send you. I’ll be home later with your desert my cuck.
Bringing You Desert Cucky

Saturday January 25
Sunday January 26
Monday January 27
Surprise Wake Up

Coming 01/27/2020

Mature long distance lovers were scheduled for a hot weekend of sex at a hotel. They both had scheduled flights right after work to arrive Friday night. Beth arrives on schedule but Leilani who was supposed to have arrived an hour ago was not there. Beth received a text that Leilani had missed her flight due to having to work late. She would catch the morning flight. Beth went to bed to hurry the night along so she could see her lover quicker. Leilani was mad she had extra work dumped on her. She went to the airport to arrange to get on waiting lists just in case she could snag an empty seat on a flight leaving that evening. Her persistence paid off. She didn’t tell her lover, she wanted to surprise her now. When she arrived at the hotel, Beth was in bed already but not deeply asleep. Leilani stripped down, slipped into bed and cuddled up to Beth’s warm body. Beth woke, surprised and delighted that Leilani had made it. They made passionate love before cuddling back up for sleep.
Surprise Wake Up

Tuesday January 28
Wednesday January 29
Session Foot Job

Coming 01/29/2020

My first session foot job. Mr M had worshipped my feet first off camera while we chatted and got to know each other. He was very excited by the time we got to the foot job. Filmed POV style.
Session Foot Job

Thursday January 30
Friday January 31
Leilani meets Myster Mysterious

Coming 01/31/2020

This gentleman is new to the industry and hangs out with one of my lovers, Richard Mann. I was able to meet up with Myster Mysterious recently for an afternoon of fun and a pussy full of cum.
Leilani meets Myster Mysterious

Saturday January 1