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December 2018
Sunday December 25
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Monday December 3
Goddess Gives Me Pleasure

Goddess has removed my chastity belt and has her strap-on dick on. She is stroking it as she talks to me. Watching her hand slide up and down is making me wet. She has decided I have been good enough days in a row to deserve a fucking. Hopefully I have been good enough and she will allow me to have an orgasm too before she puts me back into chastity.
Goddess Gives Me Pleasure

Tuesday December 4
Revenge Tickle

Leilani Lei and Goddess Brandon discovered that Vicky Vixxx had been two timing them. She was dating both of them behind each others back. Leilani and Brandon are upset. If Vicky had been honest they could have all had fun together. They invite her over, lead her to the bedroom so Vicky thinks her fantasy of all three of them is finally going to happen. But Leilani and Brandon have revenge on their mind. When they strap her to the bed, Vicky thinks they are going to get kinky. They remove her flip flops and begin to tickle her soles while shaming her for two timing.
Revenge Tickle

Wednesday December 5
Thursday December 6
Teaching Bianca Foot Worship

Bianca stopped by for a visit. She wanted to ask Milf Leilani something she had been noticing lately. Why were guys looking at her feet a lot? Leilani told her because they like feet in the way some guys like boobs or others like looking at asses. Just another body part that turns them on. Leilani started to demonstrate what foot fetishist like to do with feet as their foreplay.
Teaching Bianca Foot Worship

Friday December 7
Milf Teaches Biology

Petite sexy milf seduces her young man’s friend. Ronnie came over to study biology. Milf says she knows all about biology and will help him learn. When he asks if she knows about anatomy, she says she knows about reactions to certain stimuli. He wants to know more but instead of talking she likes to demonstrate her knowledge. She starts with the basics of oral sex by sucking his young cock. He wants more knowledge so she drags him to the bed, strips and proceeds to fuck him.
Milf Teaches Biology

Saturday December 8
Sunday December 9
Monday December 10
Sunshine Made Me Horny

Leilani had enjoyed some sunshine time by the pool. The sun beating down on her body always makes her horny. The warmth of the sun spreads through her body making her feel very sexy which always leads to being horny. She doesn’t waste time removing her bikini, she slips it to the side to masturbate. Eventually she slides it all the way off to finger fuck herself to an orgasm.
Sunshine Made Me Horny

Tuesday December 11
Goddess Foot Worship

You move close to your Goddess, as close to her feet as she allows. You are staring at her delectable soles, watching her toes wiggle. Her feet are slightly dirty, making you want to lick them clean. You feel your cock expanding in your pants. Goddess is not allowing you to touch, only to imagine. She tells you to pull your dick out, jerk off to drain your balls for her feet.
Goddess Foot Worship

Wednesday December 12
New Lingerie Sets

Photographer: Merlin
New Lingerie Sets

Thursday December 13
Trampliing My Slave 3

My slave will do anything for my feet. He even lays on the floor for me to walk all over him with my bare feet. I jump on him, stomp my feet on him, stand on his face, stand on one foot and laugh while doing it. Sometimes you don’t get exactly what you wish for. He wanted my feet but maybe not this way. lol
Trampliing My Slave 3

Friday December 14
Milfs Seduce New Student

Two bisexual milfs invite a young man over. He is new in town and they want to welcome the cute man into their world. He seems so shy and they want to help him make new friends. They slowly seduce him on the couch and find out he is a virgin. They take him by the hand to the bedroom, push him on the bed and take his clothes off. They kiss him, give him a blow job before one rides him cowboy while the other sits on his face. They trade places till he cums into their mouths. But they are not done yet, so they climb back on top of his still hard dick and continue until the they are satisfied.
Milfs Seduce New Student

Saturday December 15
Delightfully Blue Toes

Photographer: TheFeetGuide
Delightfully Blue Toes

Sunday December 16
Monday December 17
You Won A Photo Shoot

Coming 12/17/2018

I can’t believe we made this bet. Of course I expected to be the one to win. That’s why I agreed. The sight of you on a pool table posing for 10 pictures was too good to pass up! Just don’t be sharing the pictures with your friends. I’m getting turned on. You don’t mind taking a few more while I play with my pussy do you? Didn’t think you would. But what I really need is the hard dick you have making a tent in your pants. I need your dick.
You Won A Photo Shoot

Tuesday December 18
POV Foot Worship 5

Coming 12/18/2018

Leilani is checking out her pedicure. She is admiring the color choice when she see’s you walk in the room your eyes drawn to her feet. You compliment her on the color. She asks if you like feet. You seem hesitant but your body says you do. She teases you with her feet and asks if you want to kiss, smell, lick her feet. She encourages you to worship her feet. Are you squirming because of a hard dick? Take your pants off and jerk off for Leilani while you worship her feet. She wants your cum on her soles.
POV Foot Worship 5

Wednesday December 19
Garters N Stockings

Coming 12/19/2018

Photographer: Merlin
Garters N Stockings

Thursday December 20
Roomie Is A Foot Perv

Coming 12/20/2018

You crawl into your roommates room because she has her bare feet at the end of the bed. She is laughing at you for coming into her room like that. She asks what you want, but you can’t speak at the site of her sexy wide wrinkled soles. She realizes you have a foot fetish. She teases you with her feet to be sure while laughing. She sees the bulge in your pants and knows. She doesn’t allow you to touch her feet but she does allow you to touch yourself. Go ahead jerk yourself off, you may not get another chance. You have crawled into a Goddess’s room and you’re lucky she is being nice.
Roomie Is A Foot Perv

Friday December 21
Leilani Enjoys Her Lover

Coming 12/21/2018

Leilani invites one of her young lovers over for an afternoon fuck session. They waste no time stripping out of their clothes. Leilani gives her lover a blow job before he takes her in missionary sliding his hard dick inside her balls deep. He gives her a slow sensual fucking making her have creamy orgasms before giving her a huge facial.
Leilani Enjoys Her Lover

Saturday December 22
Sunday December 23
Monday December 24
Voyeur Masturbation

Coming 12/24/2018

A petite milf walks out to the public pool at a resort. There are two other women hanging out catching the rays. The sun feels so good on the milf’s body that she begins to caress herself, not worried about the other women being there. She pulls her bikini bottoms to the side and masturbates. The other women can’t help but watch, although they try not to they find themselves staring from time to time while chatting amongst themselves. Milf gets off hard then walks away.
Voyeur Masturbation

Tuesday December 25
Secret Foot Job

Coming 12/25/2018

Leilani’s husband is out of town. She decides to see what his young man is up to. She hasn’t gotten a chance to know him yet. He’s very quiet and shy. He is always looking down at her feet. As they start talking she discovers he has a fetish for feet. He explains and demonstrates on her feet what he likes. When she realizes his dick has grown hard, she asks if he would like her feet on his dick. He moans yes.
Secret Foot Job

Wednesday December 26
Red Lingerie

Coming 12/26/2018

Photographer: Merlin
Red Lingerie

Thursday December 27
POV Foot Worship JOI 5

Coming 12/27/2018

Petite milf walks by the pool early in the morning, sits in a chair to enjoy the quiet of the morning when she spots you. No one else is around and here you are at the edge of the pool right in front of her, staring down at her feet. She starts to tease you with her feet. No sense denying she sees the tent in your swim trunks. Since you want to be a foot perv, pull your cock out and stroke it while you worship her feet.
POV Foot Worship JOI 5

Friday December 28
Frat House Maid

Coming 12/28/2018

Horny milf cleans frat houses for extra money and the sex. Young college guys are always horny just like her. When one of the guys clean their room and she doesn’t have to, she rewards them with a good fuck. It’s a great benefit of her job. She finds that dorks are more likely to clean their room and most often a great fuck! Today is her lucky day. Dorky Darien cleaned his room. She wastes no time in asking him to fuck.
Frat House Maid

Saturday December 29
Sunday December 30
Monday December 31
1st Nut Of The Nite

Coming 12/31/2018

You have been watching your woman get dressed for the party your friends are throwing. Even she gets excited feeling the softness of her stockings on her legs. She sees how hard you are and decides there is just enough time for her to dirty talk you to your first nut of the nite. She knows her stockings are going to be driving you crazy all night. She doesn’t want you to rush later tonight when you fuck her. She wants a good pounding from you. She is so wet, she needs to get herself off along with you. Who will cum first?
1st Nut Of The Nite

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