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Sunday October 30
Monday October 1
Want To Be A Slut?

Milf has had enough of her girl Kitty dressing like a slut. The skirt she has on today doesn’t even cover her butt cheeks. Her breasts are hanging out of her top again. Milf has talked until she is blue in the face. If Kitty wants to dress like a slut, milf will show her what being a slut means!
Want To Be A Slut?

Tuesday October 2
You Won My Feet

This is an interesting first date. You take me to play pool, ask me to play barefoot on the dirty floor, then make a bet with me. So if you beat me at a game of pool you get to worship my dirty feet? Ok, let’s do it. Of course you win. I haven’t played in years and you play every weekend. So your two favorite things are feet and pool. It turns me on when you worship my feet, you going to take me back to your place after?
You Won My Feet

Wednesday October 3
Thursday October 4
POV Foot JOI 14

Leilani and Taylor show off their feet for you. They know how much you like feet, how hard your cock gets for feet. While teasing you with their bare wrinkled soles and wiggling toes, they tell you how they like their feet worshipped, how they like to use their feet on your hard throbbing dick. They want to drain your balls and make you cum for their feet. Are you ready?
POV Foot JOI 14

Friday October 5
Milf Fucked By Redhead

Hot wife has just finished a shower and finished prepping for a date with her husband. Nude she walks into her bedroom to get dressed. Her husband’s young man is looking for her, wants to know when is dinner. She quickly covers up, tells him he is on his own for dinner and to leave the room so she can get dressed. Instead he pulls the dress from her hands to get a good look at her. He has become hard and moves her hand to his cock for her to feel. She informs her she will be late to her dinner date.
Milf Fucked By Redhead

Saturday October 6
Sunday October 7
Monday October 8
Outside Masturbation

Petite long haired milf Leilani Lei has been hanging out at a resort for a week. Her bikini today has been riding her clit and giving her one hell of a camel toe. She finds a quiet spot to play with herself. She dares to slide her bikini bottoms to the side exposing her pussy should anyone walk by. The breeze feels good but her fingers rubbing her clit is even better. She brings herself to a hard body shaking orgasm.
Outside Masturbation

Tuesday October 9
POV Foot Worship JOI 3

You walk into the room and see Leilani’s feet. You are instantly drawn close, you sit on the floor so your face is level with her feet, giving you a perfect view. She sensually starts teasing you with her feet. She loves to cover your face with her soles, her toes tapping on your forehead. She wants you to lick her soles, suck her toes. She sees how much her feet are turning you on. Take your pants off darlin. She wants you to stroke yourself off onto her feet.
POV Foot Worship JOI 3

Wednesday October 10
Blue Toes

Photographer: TheFeetGuide
Blue Toes

Thursday October 11
Masked Slaves Foot Job

Mistress Leilani has her slave naked and bound to the bed. What torture does she have planned for him this time? She decides to be nice this time, to start with at least. He has been a good slave this week so she is going to give him a foot job. She releases one hand, as he is so quick to cum on her feet, he wants to finish himself off. Once he cums, she binds his hand again to keep playing with his sensitive dick. She has to torture him just a little! Especially since he wanted to cum so quick.
Masked Slaves Foot Job

Friday October 12
Need A Strong Man

Milf calls her neighbor over saying she needs help, she needs a strong man to help in the bedroom. When he arrives she lets him know she needs his special 11” tool to scratch an strong itch she has. Her hand reaches out to the tool he carries between his legs. She has a severe case of horniness that only he can satisfy right now. She needs to be filled to the brim. He fucks her well before depositing his special lubrication in her pussy.
Need A Strong Man

Saturday October 13
Sunday October 14
Monday October 15
Double The Pleasure

Leilani Lei and Taylor Pierce have a surprise for you. They show off their bodies while they slowly slide their bras off and help each other slide their panties off. Are you now naked and comfortable too? Good. We want a masturbation session. We are going to masturbate while we watch you stroke your hard throbbing dripping cock. Can we all come together?
Double The Pleasure

Tuesday October 16
Wednesday October 17
Thursday October 18
Pantyhose Worship 3

Coming 10/18/2018

Two milfs collapse on the couch after they had been out at the club dancing. They slowly peel off their shoes so their pantyhose and stocking covered feet can dry out. These petite milfs love the way nylon feels on their body, how it traps the sweat making their feet pungent. They start caressing each others legs and feet, rubbing them together, while talking about how they like to make the guys drool and get hard by using their feet and legs.
Pantyhose Worship 3

Friday October 19
Casting Couch 6

Coming 10/19/2018

Leilani asked brand new model Taylor Pierce to stop by the casting couch. Sometimes you find a gem among all the new girls cuming into the biz. Taylor is a very sexual woman. Once Leilani seduced her, got her off by eating her pussy, the sexual beast in Taylor was unleashed. The women had a wild time getting each other off over and over again. Includes tribbing.
Casting Couch 6

Saturday October 20
Sunday October 21
Monday October 22
Masturbate With Me

Coming 10/22/2018

Horny milf has missed you and wants to masturbate together. She is wearing a lace negligee with silk panties. She shows her body off teasing you to hardness as she slowly strips out of her clothes. Showing you her shaved pussy that has missed your tongue. She starts with fingers and finishes with her vibrator for a powerful orgasm.
Masturbate With Me

Tuesday October 23
Our Feet Our Twins

Coming 10/23/2018

Leilani Lei and Raven Eve are hanging out admiring each other’s feet and realize their feet are practically twins. Peek in on them as they compare their feet and talk about what they like having done to their feet. POV view and many close ups of their perfect small wide wrinkled soles and wiggling toes.
Our Feet Our Twins

Wednesday October 24
Blue Toes 2

Coming 10/24/2018

Photographer: TheFeetGuide
Blue Toes 2

Thursday October 25
POV Foot JOI 15

Coming 10/25/2018

Taylor Pierce teases you with her bare soft soles, her long toes wiggling. You are hypnotized by the smoothness of her long narrow feet and her voice telling you what she wants to do to you with her feet. She guides you through a jerk off session till you explode listening to her dirty talk about feet.
POV Foot JOI 15

Friday October 26
Neighborhood Milf 3

Coming 10/26/2018

Milf Leilani noticed the new young guy moving into the neighborhood. His muscles standing out as he carried boxes into the house. She couldn’t wait to welcome him to the neighborhood. She waited until she saw empty boxes put out in the trash. She wanted him to get mostly unpacked at least before she visited him. He was a cute dork and Leilani wasted no time is seducing him. She took his cum on her tongue so she could taste it.
Neighborhood Milf 3

Saturday October 27
Sunday October 28
Monday October 29
Jerk Yourself Off

Coming 10/29/2018

Petite milf Leilani is sprawled out on a fabulously soft rug. You come to interrupt her time because you are horny and want to fuck. She refuses but tells you you can jerk off in front of her while she wiggles around on the soft carpet teasing you with her body in her tiny sheer panties and top. She even releases her boobs for you while teasing you with her pussy through her sheer panties.
Jerk Yourself Off

Tuesday October 30
Clean My Dirty Soles

Coming 10/30/2018

Milf Leilani Lei took a morning walk while the ground was still wet. Her feet and flip flops became very dirty. She calls her slave in to the room, sticks her feet in front of his face to show him how dirty her soles are. Shows him how dirty her flip flops got. Clean my soles she tells him. He grinds his tongue hard against her soles to lick all the dirt off until her soles are squeaky clean again.
Clean My Dirty Soles

Wednesday October 31
Thursday October 1
Friday October 2
Saturday October 3