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Sunday October 26
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Thursday October 30
Friday October 1
POV Fucking A Big Dick

Leilani and The Feet Guide get together again. Leilani likes his big hard dick. Filmed POV for hand job, blowjob, foot job and some fucking before switching to a tripod for more fucking. The fucking filmed POV is Leilani in reverse cowgirl with her feet on either side of his dick. You see ass, feet and cock sliding in and out of my pussy. Hot!
POV Fucking A Big Dick

Saturday October 2
In Kitchen Showing Feet

Photographer: TheFeetGuide
In Kitchen Showing Feet

Sunday October 3
Monday October 4
Girls Straight Jacket Night

It’s a girls night of hanging out in pantyhose gossiping. But one member of the group has a kinky idea! Let’s try on straight jackets she says. She even has her arms full of straight jackets which she tosses onto the bed. The remaining girls grab a straight jacket and start helping each other into them. So many different straight jackets. How do they feel? Can you escape?
Girls Straight Jacket Night

Tuesday October 5
Wednesday October 6
Feet, Feet, Feet!

Do you like the word feet? Does it make your balls tingle? Your dick jump? Does it put sexy thoughts of feet into your head? If the word feet makes your loins stir, this is the video for you. It’s all about feet baby!
Feet, Feet, Feet!

Thursday October 7
Friday October 8
Doctors Make House Call

House Calls R Us sent Dr Lei and Dr McKenna to a house with a male who called in needing a doctor. Instructions were the door was open, to walk in and come to the bedroom. A young man was stroking his cock. He immediately says he needs help. It’s been over 4 hours, I can’t come and my dick won’t soften. The mature women know just what to do. Especially since they did not have a draining needle with them. This drainage would be done the fun way!
Doctors Make House Call

Saturday October 9
Sunday October 10
Monday October 11
Oily Feet JOI 9

You have impeccable timing darlin. We just oiled our soles up. Is that bulge in your pants already? Well make yourself comfortable while we tease you with our feet and encourage you to stroke your dick and cum on our soles.
Oily Feet JOI 9

Tuesday October 12
Wednesday October 13
POV Pantyhose Foot Worship

Two sexy women in pantyhose and high heels want their feet worshipped. They spend time making themselves look good, wearing heels and pantyhose just for you. We know you love when we do wear nylons. If you give a good foot massage and worship our feet well enough you might be rewarded with a foot job. Yes we saw your bulge and know worshipping our feet turns you on.
POV Pantyhose Foot Worship

Thursday October 14
Friday October 15
Happy Ending Massage 16

The Beach Bikini Mobile Massage is called to the home of a sexy man. He strips naked for a massage and the mature masseuse is getting turned on. She can’t help herself. She massages his dick. Before you know it she has hopped up on the table to give him a blowjob and ride his massive dick. She takes a cream pie from him.
Happy Ending Massage 16

Saturday October 16
Sunday October 17
Monday October 18
Beth Visits

Leilani hasn’t seen Beth in a long time. She received a package of dicks that she has not put away yet. Beth says don’t be so quick, let me check them out. Next thing you know, Leilani is fucking Beth, bringing her to multiple orgasms!
Beth Visits

Tuesday October 19
Wednesday October 20
Raincoat Bondage 3

Are you ready to go out dancing yet? I have this hot outfit on and I am so ready to shake my ass. Is my outfit too hot? You seem to have a bulge growing in your pants. You flatter me but I don’t want quick sex tonight so let me tease you while you jerk off real quick. Then take me out and we will have sex for hours.
Raincoat Bondage 3

Thursday October 21
Friday October 22
Neighborhood Cock 2

Leilani was horny as hell. She had been trying to get laid all day. Out of desperation she asks her roommate if she knows any guys who are free. She doesn’t but suggests satisfying each other. Tongues are not as good as dicks though but Leilani’s hunger for a cock has subsided a bit. Kenzi pulls out her strap on and asks if that would satisfy her. Leilani is down to try. As she is riding Kenzi the neighborhood security walks in. They are quick to getting him in bed with them. Pop shot on Kenzi’s ass and Leilani’s face.
Neighborhood Cock 2

Saturday October 23
Sunday October 24
Monday October 25
Oily Feet JOI 10

Coming 10/25/2021

Oily feet teasing you while we dirty talk about our feet and what we want to do to your cock while encouraging you to wank.
Oily Feet JOI 10

Tuesday October 26
Wednesday October 27
Tickling Maleka

Coming 10/27/2021

Maleka has called in a professional tickler to experience tickling of her soles. The milf has along finger nailes to lightly rake over Maleka’s wrinkled soles. She enjoys watching Maleka’s toes wiggle, her feet squirm about and the sound of Maleka’s giggles.
Tickling Maleka

Thursday October 28
Friday October 29
Very Wild Flower

Coming 10/29/2021

Instead of coming home on his wife’s birthday, he goes to the playoff’s with his buddies. But he sends her flowers. That lucky delivery guy gets to help the wife payback her husband. Cum shot on belly.
Very Wild Flower

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