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Sunday October 1
Monday October 2
New Dildo 12

Coming 10/02/2023

Leilani has a new vibrating dildo she tries out and of course has orgasms.
New Dildo 12

Tuesday October 3
Wednesday October 4
Thursday October 5
Girlfriends Try New Toys

Coming 10/05/2023

Leilani has received two new toys that are unique. They look like mini sybians. She asks Tiffany to try them out with her. Each take one to play with. Soon they are very turned on and play with each other.
Girlfriends Try New Toys

Friday October 6
Saturday October 7
Gilf Wants Dick

Coming 10/07/2023

Gilf is relaxing reading an erotica book when her son’s best friend shows up. She tells him her son is not around and won’t be for a few hours. She asks him to hang out with her. She wants some dick and he just happened to come over at the right time. POSITIONS: blow job, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy CUMSHOT: on asshole
Gilf Wants Dick

Sunday October 8
Monday October 9
New Vibrator 4

Coming 10/09/2023

Leilani has a new vibrator to try out. It is unlike any vibrator she has tried before. She does’t even have to hold it, she just needs to sit on it.
New Vibrator 4

Tuesday October 10
Wednesday October 11
Thursday October 12
Forgot Your Birthday

Coming 10/12/2023

How could Leilani forget her friends birthday? She even forgot to get him a present! How is she going to make it up to him? POSITIONS: blow job, missionary, cowgirl, doggy, missionary, sideways missionary CUMSHOT: creampie
Forgot Your Birthday

Friday October 13
Saturday October 14
Passionate Lesbian Sex 2

Coming 10/14/2023

Beth and Leilani have not seen each other in months, they are ready to go out for the evening but they are so turned on by what each is wearing that they never make it past the bed.
Passionate Lesbian Sex 2

Sunday October 15
Monday October 16
Reading Erotica Masturbation 18

Coming 10/16/2023

I continue reading an erotica book about a man wanting his fiancee to cuckold him with a big black dick. She has never had one. The wife to be is getting ready to go out and pick up a black man to satisfy her in their bed while fiancé watches. This book was started in 14 of the series.
Reading Erotica Masturbation 18

Tuesday October 17
Wednesday October 18
Thursday October 19
Their Wives Are Girlfriends

Coming 10/19/2023

Two couples have known each other for a long time. The guys play hoops together and the women hang out, telling their husbands they are having “girl time”. One particular weekend, the guys got rained out and arrived back home earlier than anticipated. The guys caught their wives having fun together. They always thought “girl time” was them gossiping, reading magazines, etc. To their delight they discovered the intimacy of their wives and joined in the fun. POSITIONS: pussy eating, blow jobs, doggy, missionary, doggy/missionary, 69/doggy with missionary added in, missionary CUMSHOTS: on ass, on belly
Their Wives Are Girlfriends

Friday October 20
Saturday October 21
Maid To Order

Coming 10/21/2023

A mature woman has a lot of stress in her life. She has recently become empowered by being sexually dominant. She hires submissive for role play. Today her submissive is cleaning for her until she is ready to play with her.
Maid To Order

Sunday October 22
Monday October 23
New Dildo 13

Coming 10/23/2023

Leilani tries another new vibrating dildo that expands. These are amazing dildos that give you the thickness you want.
New Dildo 13

Tuesday October 24
Wednesday October 25
Thursday October 26
Arrive Early, Have Sex!

Coming 10/26/2023

Leilani and Savvy were meeting up with Beth and Bishop at their house. They arrived early. When their knock at the door went unanswered, they entered and called out for them. Beth and Bishop were busy and didn’t hear them. Leilani and Savvy found them fucking and decided to watch. It was sexy and they didn’t want to interrupt. Bishop noticed them and invited them to join in. POSITIONS: cowgirl, missionary, doggy, flat doggy, cowgirl, missionary CUMSHOTS: on ass, on belly
Arrive Early, Have Sex!

Friday October 27
Saturday October 28
Make Up Sex

Coming 10/28/2023

Is my girlfriend having an affair? She just called me a pet name she has never used. When confronted she confesses it is an old girlfriends pet name. She can get her own dinner. I can’t deal with her right now. She follows me apologizing profusely. Maybe I should forgive her and show why she should never call me by that name again!
Make Up Sex

Sunday October 29
Monday October 30
Tuesday October 31
Wednesday October 1
Thursday October 2
Friday October 3
Saturday October 4