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Sunday May 1
Monday May 2
Day Starts With Orgasms

Mature woman wakes and the firs thing she does is grab a dildo to fuck herself with. She loves starting her day with orgasms!
Day Starts With Orgasms

Tuesday May 3
Wednesday May 4
Socks n Feet Worship

I heard you like socks. Do you like socks that go all the way up to my butt? It’s been cold and they keep me warm. Since you asked so nicely I will show you my feet too .. my soft wrinkled soles, high arch, wiggling toes. :)
Socks n Feet Worship

Thursday May 5
Friday May 6
Cuckold Theo 5

My cuck Theo is worshipping my feet while I wait for my bull to arrive. My loser bitch Theo sits in a corner and watches as my bull fucks me good. What a huge cream pie I got. Theo I might have gotten pregnant.
Cuckold Theo 5

Saturday May 7
BTS Of Cuckold Theo 5

My cuck worships my feet while I wait for my bull to arrive. Cuck sits in corner watching my bull fuck and please me, while I degrade him. I get a cream pie too!
BTS Of Cuckold Theo 5

Sunday May 8
Monday May 9
New Dildo 5

Leilani shows off her new dildo, a John Thomas Toys dildo and she tries it out for the first time.
New Dildo 5

Tuesday May 10
Wednesday May 11
Disciplining Nuns

You have been naughty and must accept your disciplining from the sisters with their rulers.
Disciplining Nuns

Thursday May 12
Friday May 13
Happy Ending Massage 19

Mobile beach bikini masseuse is at a handsome man’s house giving him a massage. She gets peeks of his dick and likes what she sees. When she has him flip over to get the front of his legs she notices the outline of his dick under the sheet. She can’t leave him with any hard muscles so she works out that one too! Did he cum in her and on her ass?
Happy Ending Massage 19

Saturday May 14
Bts Of Happy Ending Massage 19

Damn did he fuck me good!
Bts Of Happy Ending Massage 19

Sunday May 15
Monday May 16
Masturbation 42

Mature woman wants to stretch her pussy, fill her pussy up with a nice big glass dildo. She brings herself to multiple orgasms. You can hear how wet her pussy gets.
Masturbation 42

Tuesday May 17
Wednesday May 18
Tickle Fight N Orgasm

Leilani and Whitney are having a sleepover. They get into a tickle fight and end up stripping each others clothes off. Leilani, ever the perv, gives her guest an orgasm but rubbing her clit.
Tickle Fight N Orgasm

Thursday May 19
Friday May 20
Neighborhood Milf 14

Leilani has gotten glimpses of a a new neighbor moving in. Boxes have been put out at the curb and picked up. Time for Leilani to visit this new neighbor and welcome him to the neighborhood in her usual slutty fashion. She takes a deep cream pie from him.
Neighborhood Milf 14

Saturday May 21
BTS of Neighborhood Milf 14

Intro not captured, only the hot fuck scene. Neighborhood slut meets a new neighbor.
BTS of Neighborhood Milf 14

Sunday May 22
Monday May 23
Reading Erotica Masturbation 4

Leilani reads from The Things I Worship by B.D. Hampton, a hot erotic story of a dominating nun and her sexual escapades with a fellow nun, her whore in training and a priest. oh Leilani uses a vibrator on her pussy while she reads.
Reading Erotica Masturbation 4

Tuesday May 24
Wednesday May 25
Oily Feet JOI 11

Coming 05/25/2022

Milf teases you with her oil covered soles. The oil highlights all the wrinkles in her soles, especially when she scrunches her toes down. She tells you what she likes to do with her oiled soles and encourages you to stroke your dick.
Oily Feet JOI 11

Thursday May 26
Friday May 27
The Passion (Extended Version)

Coming 05/27/2022

Leilani's intern seems to be clueless to her sexual advances. Has she lost her seduction? She needs a break from working. She hears her intern typing away in his office space. But he shouldn’t hear her masturbate if she uses her fingers. She needs to daydream about him. She orgasms so hard she screams and falls into a light faint. Her intern comes running when he hears her scream. He picks her up to carry her to the bed when she stirs and confesses she wants to kiss him. He reciprocates and continues to carry her to the bedroom where they can give in to their lust.
The Passion (Extended Version)

Saturday May 28
BTS of The Passion

Coming 05/28/2022

Bloopers, going over instructions for a custom, being silly in general .. just excited to be working together and having a good time at it!
BTS of The Passion

Sunday May 29
Monday May 30
Afternoon Masturbation

Coming 05/30/2022

Milf has been out running errands. Everywhere she went, she saw sexy people. By the time she arrives home she is so horny. She immediately goes to her nightstand drawer and grabs a glass dildo to fuck herself silly. She makes a wet creamy mess.
Afternoon Masturbation

Tuesday May 31
Wednesday May 1
Thursday May 2
Friday May 3
Saturday May 4