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December 2017
Sunday December 26
Monday December 27
Tuesday December 28
Wednesday December 29
Thursday December 30
Friday December 1
Casting Couch 2

Leilani was scouting for new talent for PFM Lei Productions. The man was a bit older than most, but had a nice look, deep manly voice, already half erect for pictures. She tests his pussy eating skills before giving him a blow job. Time to try out his fucking. Leilani impales herself on his stiff rod in reverse cowgirl before having him fuck her doggy and missionary. Leilani recommends him for additional scenes.
Casting Couch 2

Saturday December 2
Orgasm Dr Fails

Gigi has spent thousands of dollars trying therapy with an orgasm doctor. And she still can’t have an orgasm! She is so frustrated she needs to teach this doctor a lesson. Gigi ties the doctor up in a tight hogtie and forces her to have multiple orgasms. So many that she will never be able to orgasm again. Gigi tells the doctor she will be back in a few hours. She is having paperwork drawn up to take control of her business so she can’t swindle anymore customers.
Orgasm Dr Fails

Sunday December 3
Monday December 4
Masturbation 23

While admiring my neon orange pedicure, thinking about how it feels to have my feet worshipped, I start to masturbate. I imagine your lips wrapped around my toes, your tongue licking my soles and my pussy gets wet. I use my fingers and a vibrating dildo to masturbate, even sucking my toes to bring myself to an orgasm.
Masturbation 23

Tuesday December 5
Pantyhose Feet JOI

Two women collapse on the couch after a long day in pantyhose and heels. They slowly peel the shoes off their sweaty feet to uncurl and wiggle their toes within the nylon pantyhose. The smell of their stinky feet has attracted the attention of a foot perv. He is staring at their feet while his pants become strained around the bulge of his hardon. The women encourage him to jerk his cock to their stinky pantyhose covered feet.
Pantyhose Feet JOI

Wednesday December 6
Enjoying The Spring Air

Photographer: TeamVP Media
Enjoying The Spring Air

Thursday December 7
Locked n Teased With Feet

Gunner will do anything for Leilani’s feet including suffer for them. She locks his cock up in a nice metal cage while she teases him with her soft soles and wiggling toes in his face. She makes him worship her feet, suck and lick her toes. She occasionally using one foot to play with his caged cock and laughing.
Locked n Teased With Feet

Friday December 8
Voodoo Demon Vs Detective Lei

Detective Lei is a paranormal investigator. Late one afternoon she is going through files when she notices one marked urgent and to her attention. Not her usual color of files either. Where did this come from? As she inspects the papers, she discovers there are several women who have died under strange circumstances, a couple are being considered murders due to the ritualistic styling of the killings. Three women have completely disappeared. All in her town. Are they all linked? It seems so. This smacks of the occult. Before she can look into the case, it knocks on her door. She foolishly invites it in … will she survive? This is a damsel in distress movie. I am not fully naked until about the 30 minute mark.
Voodoo Demon Vs Detective Lei

Saturday December 9
You Need My Feet

Leilani knew Kathy would be gone for several hours. She invited Kathy’s boyfriend over. She knew he couldn’t stop thinking about her feet and was drooling to have them again. The way he attacked her feet was like he needed them, like an addiction. He savored Leilani’s feet for several minutes before she realized he had a raging hardon. She encouraged him to get comfortable and jack off to her feet.
You Need My Feet

Sunday December 10
Monday December 11
Morning Orgams

Milf wakes up from a sexy dream with no orgasm. She reaches over to her nightstand for her vibrator. No way she can start her day without an orgasm now. She needs release after that wild dream. She can’t believe she didn’t wake up orgasming. Her Doxy quickly brings her to a hard leg shaking orgasm. Now she can get her day started!
Morning Orgams

Tuesday December 12
Oily Feet JOI Vol 4

Vicky has a special treat for you today foot boy. She starts by teasing you with her feet, not allowing you to take your cock out just yet. She wants you bursting out before she allows you to touch yourself. As she allows you to free your rock hard cock, she pours oil on the soles of her feet, encouraging you to jerk your cock. Eventually giving you a countdown to cum.
Oily Feet JOI Vol 4

Wednesday December 13
Milf Outside

I love doing photo shoots outside!
Photographer: Merlin
Milf Outside

Thursday December 14
Nylon Feet n SPH

Coming 12/14/2017

I've been waiting for this night with you darlin. We’ve been dating and flirting for so long. I know how much you like stockings so I put a pair on for you along with a sexy lace negligee. My pussy is wet for you. Oh yes darlin! Take your clothes off and get comfortable. Let’s see what you have between your legs. oh! Please tell me you are a grower. No?! But it’s so tiny!
Nylon Feet n SPH

Friday December 15
Seducing A Dork

Coming 12/15/2017

Milf is having problems with her computer. Programs are running real slow. Internet seems to be bogged down. When programs do eventually load sometimes they are just not right. Some of it is in code, some options work and others don’t. She finally calls a computer dork to her house. He says he can probably fix it for a large sum. Milf asks if there is anything she can do for a discount. He’s a cute dork who doesn’t look like he gets much sex, if any. Her seductions leave him flusterred. Milf takes control, strips him out of his clothes and fucks him silly and takes a huge cum load in the mouth. Talk about draining his balls!
Seducing A Dork

Saturday December 16
Lei's Motel Episode 11

Coming 12/16/2017

Lei's motel has a cute young woman as a guest and her feet are so tiny in her tennis shoes. Miss Lei uses her usual story about forgetting to have her sign the register book to get a better peek at her feet. omg Lei needs to worship her cute adorable feet! They smell delicious too. Her guest thinks she is a bit weird but the sensations of Lei’s tongue and mouth on her feet is erotic. Lei is turning her guest on and her guest wants Lei to come back!
Lei's Motel Episode 11

Sunday December 17
Monday December 18
Orgasm Before Work

Coming 12/18/2017

Milf wakes up from a sexy dream with no orgasm. She reaches over to her nightstand for her vibrator. No way she can start her day without an orgasm now. She needs release after that wild dream. She can’t believe she didn’t wake up orgasming. Her Doxy quickly brings her to a hard leg shaking orgasm. Now she can get her day started!
Orgasm Before Work

Tuesday December 19
Teaching Terra Foot Worship

Coming 12/19/2017

Gilf Leilani has noticed men checking out Terra’s feet lately. Terra seems blissfully unaware so Leilani decides to tell her all about it. Terra is surprised and wonders why. Leilani tells her they have a foot fetish. Terra isn’t sure what that means. Leilani teaches her all about it by showing her what guys like to do to her feet.
Teaching Terra Foot Worship

Wednesday December 20
Pink Glamour

Coming 12/20/2017

Photographer: TeamVPMedia
Pink Glamour

Thursday December 21
Bondage N Tickling

Coming 12/21/2017

Leilani wants to learn bondage. Since her roommate Whitney is home, Leilani asks Whitney to be her victim. Leilani needs to practice her tying off, she never seems to get it right. Leilani quickly ties Whitney’s wrists together and then her ankles. She wants to try one more so she brings Whitney’s wrists to her ankles and ties them together. And now Whitney is inert and her feet are right in front of Leilani’s face. She can’t resist. She peels off Whitney’s shoes and socks to expose her bare feet and tickles them. She loves to hear Whitney laugh and watch her feet and toes wiggle.
Bondage N Tickling

Friday December 22
Moving Sanctions

Coming 12/22/2017

Leilani married her latest husband for money and his redheaded boy Jake still living at home. Her husband is older and unable to keep up with Leilani. One of the changes she made to the household was to move Jake to the other side of the house. She knew he wasn’t happy with her. One night she visits Jake in his new room to explain why she moved him and what she wants from him. He is stumbling a bit due to her sheer robe, soon he isn’t talking. He is moaning as her mouth wraps around his young big cock.
Moving Sanctions

Saturday December 23
Playing With My Masked Slave

Coming 12/23/2017

Mistress Leilani has her slave strapped down, spread eagle, naked on the bed. She is feeling a bit sadistic today. She has her crop for some cock n ball torture, even using her hand to squeeze and slap her slaves balls and cock. He gets a bit noisy so she gags him before resuming her play. Her slave gets excited so she decides to let him cool down. She will come back a bit later for more torture.
Playing With My Masked Slave

Sunday December 24
Monday December 25
Afternoon Orgasm

Coming 12/25/2017

Petite milf woke horny as hell this morning. She finds herself alone in the office while everyone else has gone off to lunch. She had multiple orgasms before cmoing in to work but she needs to get off again. She goes into one of the waiting rooms so she can make sure when her coworkers starting returning to the office. She uses her fingers to get off. Hope no one notices the wet spot on the chair!
Afternoon Orgasm

Tuesday December 26
Job Interview

Coming 12/26/2017

Leilani had been interviewing applicants for the position of her assistant. She had one requirement that was a bit unusual from most jobs. This applicant seemed to be perfect. His experience was awesome, he had glowing references and after meeting him she felt he would fit in with her team very well. Now for the last requirement. How badly does he want this job?
Job Interview

Wednesday December 27
New Shoes 3

Coming 12/27/2017

Showing off new shoes. Photographer: Merlin
New Shoes 3

Thursday December 28
Face Sitting My Slave

Coming 12/28/2017

Mistress Leilani’s masked slave is still strapped to the bed cooling down from her last session of play with him. He had gotten too excited by her torture. This time she decides to teach him a bit of breath play by face sitting him and smothering him with her feet. While he does well with controlling his breath, he gets so excited again she leaves him.
Face Sitting My Slave

Friday December 29
Rent Is Over Due

Coming 12/29/2017

Milf is late on her rent again. Landlord has come around asking for the over due rent. Milf says she will do anything for a few more days. She promises she will have the money soon. Can she pretty please get more time? She offers to suck his dick as she has always been curious how big his black cock is. Landlord pulls out his hard dick and milf eagerly licks, sucks and strokes his cock. She pulls him onto the bed with her, stripping out of her clothes, pulling his clothes off, opening her legs, offering her pussy to him for tasting and fucking.
Rent Is Over Due

Saturday December 30
Trampling My Slave

Coming 12/30/2017

It's time to remind my masked slave who is in control. He seems to have forgotten that he is beneath me. He is getting too big for his britches, thinking he can control the other slaves, telling them what to do. That is my job, not his. I trample him with my bare feet, to demonstrate how far beneath me he is while I lecture him about who is in control in this household.
Trampling My Slave

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