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Sunday October 29
Monday October 30
Tuesday October 1
Wednesday October 2
Lady In White FJ

Milf in white lingerie, her toes painted white compliments her tanned skin. She has her young foot perv in front of her. She knows he wants her feet around his big hard dick but she makes him wait while she teases him in “the pose” stroking his dick lightly with her hand. She wants his dick rock hard before her feet are oiled and slipped around his thick cock. She uses her wrinkled soles and toes in a few different ways on his cock before milking him dry.
Lady In White FJ

Thursday October 3
Friday October 4
Nicky Rebel n Desiree Audri Shoot

Nicky Rebel n Desiree Audri Shoot
Shooting HJ and Fetish videos. Accepting custom orders!
Milf Cucks Hubby With Bull

Sexy petite mature milf meets her bull for an afternoon of fucking. He cuck hubby was not home when she left the house. She takes videos of her outfit she wore for her bull. Sending him videos as she sucks and fucks her bulls big dick. She loves the way her bull takes her, pounding her pussy and filling her with his seed before sending her home to her cuck hubby.
Milf Cucks Hubby With Bull

Saturday October 5
Lady In White FJ 2 Photo Set

Photographer: TheFeetGuide
Lady In White FJ 2 Photo Set

Sunday October 6
Monday October 7
Cuck JOI

Milf has a new panty for her bull. She shows it to her cuck who has just been let out of his cock cage. She sees how excited he gets so she is sure the panty will please her bull. Since her cuck has been good enough to be let out of his cock cage, she decides to let him jerk off his pathetic little dick while she dirty talks him about her bull.
Cuck JOI

Tuesday October 8
Wednesday October 9
POV Nylon Worship 3

Leilani and Alexis have just entered the room, sat down for a quick break after a long day at work. They are almost too tired to remove their shoes and get comfortable for the evening. Why are you sitting on the floor in front of them? Did you just sniff? While we may have sweated a bit during our work day, we don’t stink that bad, do we? Wait, are you smelling our feet dangling out of our shoes? Our pantyhose make our feet sweat. Well, let us remove our shoes so you can smell while we tease you with our nylon covered feet!
POV Nylon Worship 3

Thursday October 10
Whitney Morgan Shoot

Whitney Morgan Shoot
Shooting fetish videos and softcore GG. Accepting custom orders!
Friday October 11
You Like Watching?

You said you would like to be in the room watching as I pleasure a woman. You said you would be happy to jerk off, hoping we would ask you to join us. So make yourself comfortable as me and my girlfriend Beth make out and get each other off.
You Like Watching?

Saturday October 12
Sunday October 13
Monday October 14
Outside Shower

Girlfriends were tanning in the hot sun. They had been chatting about sexual adventures and got themselves extra hot. They needed to cool off and had a naughty shower in the backyard.
Outside Shower

Tuesday October 15
Wednesday October 16
Surprise Foot Job

Leilani had not seen her friend for several months as he had moved to the other side of the country. He called her to say he was coming for a visit back home and wanted to reconnect with her. As she shows him to her guest room and get comfortable on the bed, he notices her feet and asks to massage them. Suddenly he his kissing her feet. She realizes his dick is hard and asks if he wants her feet on his dick. He quickly pulls his pants down and she gives him a foot job till he explodes.
Surprise Foot Job

Thursday October 17
Friday October 18
Seducing My Sexy Trainer

Coming 10/18/2019

Petite milf Leilani hires a personal trainer to come to her house. She had seen Alexis at the gym and found her ever so sexy. Leilani makes arrangements for Alexis to come to her house. Leilani flirts during the workout until the trainer asks if Leilani had an ulterior motive for hiring her. In response Leilani kisses her. The trainer takes control pushing Leilani into a bend to remove her leggings, flips her over and pushes her onto the bed to eat Leilani’s pussy. She then shows Leilani something she always has in her bag. A strap on.
Seducing My Sexy Trainer

Saturday October 19
New Panties N Swimsuit

Coming 10/19/2019

Photographer: Merlin< br/> These are thank you photos for a fan who bought me the panties and one piece swimsuit. Thought you might enjoy too. Tiny panties eh?
New Panties N Swimsuit

Sunday October 20
Monday October 21
Watching Porn N Masturbating

Coming 10/21/2019

Mature milf is not finding anything to watch on TV. She checks the adult channels to see if maybe there is something there to watch. She is a bit horny. She searches and finds something that starts with a sex scene right away. Her hands wander down to her panties. Inside her panties. She quickly removes her panties and bra and masturbates to an orgasm.
Watching Porn N Masturbating

Tuesday October 22
Wednesday October 23
Cucking My Loser Bitch

Coming 10/23/2019

Showing off new panties to my loser bitch cuck while talking about the date I am going to have that he will be paying for. I am going to bring my bull home after our dinner date and fuck him in our marital bed. If you get your chores done and promise to be good sitting in the corner doing as your told, you might get to watch my bull pound my pussy. For right now you can admire my feet, my soft wrinkled soles, my wiggling toes in your face while I talk dirty to you my cuck.
Cucking My Loser Bitch

Thursday October 24
Friday October 25
Cucking You With Young Bull

Coming 10/25/2019

Cucky I’m going to be home a little late for dinner. I picked up a cute young bull to play with. Don’t worry I will send you little videos of what I’m doing especially the creampie I will be bringing home to you. Desert before dinner?
Cucking You With Young Bull

Saturday October 26
Sunday October 27
Monday October 28
Masturbation 34

Coming 10/28/2019

Peek in on a petite sexy milf pleasuring herself with her fingers, enjoying the feeling of her fingers exploring her pussy, opening her pussy up to slide her fingers in. We see she has a dildo and lube next to her so this must be the warm up before she fucks herself. Let’s stick around to watch as she fucks herself.
Masturbation 34

Tuesday October 29
Wednesday October 30
POV Foot JOI 18

Coming 10/30/2019

You have been very good for your Goddesses lately. They have a treat for you tonight. You have been invited into their private room. You are allowed to be naked and stoke your dick while worshipping their delectable petite wide wrinkled feet. It has been a long time since you have been allowed to indulge, so take your time to enjoy this evening with us. As long as you make us feel good, you will be allowed to worship our feet.
POV Foot JOI 18

Thursday October 31
Friday October 1
Saturday October 2