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Sunday July 27
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Thursday July 1
Friday July 2
We Solved The Mystery

Shaggy and Daphne celebrate after solving a perplexing mystery by lighting up a doobie. They quickly get horny and since the others are not around, they get their groove on. Daphne had no idea Shaggy was so big.
We Solved The Mystery

Saturday July 3
Sunday July 4
Monday July 5
POV Foot JOI 37

Milf in tiny bikini teases you with her bare feet, her wrinkled soles and wiggling toes while giving JOI and wanting your cum on her feet.
POV Foot JOI 37

Tuesday July 6
Wednesday July 7
Foot Perv JOI 2

I see you looking at my legs wrapped in pantyhose and my feet in clear platform heels. You are hypnotized by my feet twisting, swinging and tapping. Come closer darlin while I talk you to an orgasm.
Foot Perv JOI 2

Thursday July 8
Friday July 9
The Salesman

Milf answers the door. It’s a solar salesman she starts to say she isn’t interested but she was just about to masturbate and he’s good looking. She invites him in to discuss solar panels for her house and gets a dick for her pussy. Cum shot on belly.
The Salesman

Saturday July 10
Sunday July 11
Shooting with SkinnyDip

Shooting with SkinnyDip
Shooting interracial scenes. Accepting custom video orders!
Monday July 12
Happy Ending Massage 15

Two women clad in bikinis come to your house to give you a massage. You seem to be very tense darlin. We know just the muscle to massage to relax your whole body. After all the Beach Bikini Mobile Massage guarantees total relaxation.
Happy Ending Massage 15

Tuesday July 13
Wednesday July 14
Filming with Don Grammar

Filming with Don Grammar
Shooting interracial scenes. Accepting custom video orders!
Oily Feet Joi 7

We have a treat for you. We know how much you enjoy our feet, our soft wrinkled soles and wiggling toes. But how about today we drench our feet in oil for you? Now our feet our shiny and you can really see every wrinkle in our soles.
Oily Feet Joi 7

Thursday July 15
Shooting with RockHardO

Shooting with RockHardO
Shooting interracial scenes. Accepting custom video orders!
Friday July 16
Shoot with Savanna Star n SavvyG

Shoot with Savanna Star n SavvyG
Shooting interracial threesome scene, possibly lesbian. Accepting custom video orders!
The Enjoyment Of Sex

She has not seen him in a long time and wants to fuck him for the pure enjoyment of it. She needs his big cock. Gonzo scene, no story line, just sex.
The Enjoyment Of Sex

Saturday July 17
Sunday July 18
Monday July 19
Relaxation Foot Job

Mature masseuse can’t help herself when a tall dark and handsome man is her client. She just knows he has a big dick. Most guys will not refuse a hand job but his cock is perfect to use her feet and give him a foot job. He does not refuse her when she wraps her soft wrinkled soles and toes around his thick big dick.
Relaxation Foot Job

Tuesday July 20
Wednesday July 21
Pantyhose Feet JOI 2

Are you waiting for us to take our shoes off? Do you want to smell the funk of our pantyhose covered feet that has been sweating in our heels? Look at your nose twitch in anticipation. Did your dick just get hard when you caught a whiff of our feet? We are not going anywhere so you might as well whip it out and jerk off for us.
Pantyhose Feet JOI 2

Thursday July 22
Friday July 23
Seducing A College Student

Leilani walks into her friends house intending to borrow some sugar. But the site of her friends son makes her drool. He has been away at college, she hasn’t seen him for a couple of years. Before she seduces him she asks where his mom is at. She went shopping so Leilani knows it will be a few hours. Plenty of time to get reacquainted with this handsome man. He likes making pussies talk. Cum shot on ass.
Seducing A College Student

Saturday July 24
Sunday July 25
Monday July 26
Sponge Bath Gets Naughty

Two nurses arrive at a bed ridden patients house to give her a full body sponge bath. The patient does not want a full bath. The nurses soon find out why. They had interrupted her from masturbating. She had a dildo in her pussy and she was embarrassed for the nurses to find it. They put her at ease by helping her get off.
Sponge Bath Gets Naughty

Tuesday July 27
Wednesday July 28
Pervy Foot Doctor 8

Coming 07/28/2021

Dr Lei has a new foot patient complaining of pain in her cute wrinkled sweaty smelly feet. Dr Lei can’t help herself she inhales deeply from her patients shoes and then her delectable feet. Soon she is lost in her worshipping of her patients feet.
Pervy Foot Doctor 8

Thursday July 29
Friday July 30
Tutoring With Seduction

Coming 07/30/2021

Professor helps her student learn the love story of her latest classical book assignment. She uses their sexual tension to explain the romance he seems to be missing in the story.
Tutoring With Seduction

Saturday July 31