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Sunday May 25
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A Closer Look

Beth asks Leilani to check out a mole on her ass as she can’t see if very well to be sure it is still healthy looking. Leilani suggests that she check in all Beth’s crevices that she can’t see. She is intrigued by Beth’s pretty pink pussy.
A Closer Look

Tuesday May 4
Wednesday May 5
Black Toes Foot Job 2

Milf with black painted toes gives a foot job to a big dick. She loves the feeling of a hard dick on her soft soles, her toes on the head of his dick makes him moan with pleasure.
Black Toes Foot Job 2

Thursday May 6
Friday May 7
Busted Jerking Off

Leilani and Kenzi walk into Kenzi’s room to discover Billy jerking off and smelling her panties. The women are turned on by his hard dick. First the scolding from Kenzi for Billy being in her room and then the taking of his dick by their mouths and pussies.
Busted Jerking Off

Saturday May 8
Sunday May 9
Monday May 10
Boots Make Feet Smelly

Today was too warm for boots. As soon as I came in the door I stripped off my dress. Now to get these boots off. But here you come, my foot boy. You want the privilege of smelling my sweaty feet? I slowly strip off my boots for you. Now you are rock hard. Well wrap your hand around your dick and jerk off darlin. My feet in your face and my sexy voice in your ear will get you off hard.
Boots Make Feet Smelly

Tuesday May 11
Wednesday May 12
POV Foot JOI 32

Leilani and Maleka get together to show off their feet to you. While admiring each others soft wrinkled soles they encourage you to jerk off for them. Does their wiggling toes make your dick jump?
POV Foot JOI 32

Thursday May 13
Friday May 14
Happy Ending Massage 12

Beth is referred to a masseuse. Her friend insisted she see Leilani as she raved about the best massage ever. Beth soon finds out why her friend told her to see Leilani.
Happy Ending Massage 12

Saturday May 15
Leilani Lei Feet

Photographer: TheFeetGuide
Leilani Lei Feet

Sunday May 16
Monday May 17
A Quick Nut

Honey I’m tired and don’t feel like sex. Can you jerk off while I dirty talk you before I fall asleep?
A Quick Nut

Tuesday May 18
Wednesday May 19
Trampling Exercise

Coming 05/19/2021

Two women woking out being perved on by a bystander. He asks if he can join them. The women have a workout they have been wanting to try and the perv is just what they need. They instruct him to lay down on his back and they proceed to trample him. They get a great leg workout.
Trampling Exercise

Thursday May 20
Friday May 21
Sexy Date Night

Coming 05/21/2021

A couple has a date night planned. They hire a sitter from a licensed agency. Unfortunately the sitter recognizes the Mr as a porn star. She negotiates her silence to the agency and secures her future as their sitter.
Sexy Date Night

Saturday May 22
Sunday May 23
Monday May 24
Can I Sleep With You?

Coming 05/24/2021

Beth gets scared by a storm that got very loud and shook the windows with the boom of thunder. She goes to Kenzi’s room and asks if she can sleep with her. They don’t get to sleep for awhile ..
Can I Sleep With You?

Tuesday May 25
Wednesday May 26
Foot Job Instruction

Coming 05/26/2021

Harley has never given a foot job before with her cute little feet. Leilani teaches her with a willing hard dick.
Foot Job Instruction

Thursday May 27
Friday May 28
Gamer Girl Seduced

Coming 05/28/2021

Milf Leilani has spent the day gaming. Her young man wants her attention so he sticks his dick in her face. She is now torn. Continue gaming or play with his dick? Can she do both?
Gamer Girl Seduced

Saturday May 29
Leilani Lei N Sushii Xhyvette Feet

Coming 05/29/2021

Photographer: TheFeetGuide
Leilani Lei N Sushii Xhyvette Feet

Sunday May 30
Monday May 31
Dangling Heels JOI 2

Coming 05/31/2021

Why are you standing in my office? Is there something you need? Do you have a message for me? Why are you looking at the floor? My face is up here. Is my heel dangling the problem? Are you mesmerized my my heel dangling from my toes? Oh I’m going to have fun with you!
Dangling Heels JOI 2

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