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Sunday August 28
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Friday August 2
Catching Up With Jay Mann

I hadn’t seen Jay in a few years. I heard he had moved to Vegas so I arranged to meet him while I was there. His fat cock feels good in my pussy. I got a nice cream pie from him.
Catching Up With Jay Mann

Saturday August 3
Sunday August 4
Monday August 5
After Workout Sex

Leilani and Andi went to a yoga class. The endorphins are flowing through their bodies. Andi says she is horny after watching Leilani’s ass during the class with all the downward dog positions they did. While they talk their hands are wandering each others bodies. Their bodies become entwined with each other, they peel off clothes and Leilani grabs the glass dildo she knows Andi likes so much after Leilani eats her pussy getting Andi even wetter. Leilani wants Andi to cum hard.
After Workout Sex

Tuesday August 6
Wednesday August 7
Worship Our Stockings

The new office boy is caught staring at two ladies in stockings. They were standing looking at the computer having a discussion, with their back to him when he passed by. In high heels, their legs encased in pantyhose leading up to short skirts. You could see the garter belt straps of one woman. They turn and see you staring down at their legs, your mouth open. Are you drooling? You deny your desire, they tease and seduce it out of you. Lock the office door, let’s get comfy and discuss your fascination with our stockings further.
Worship Our Stockings

Thursday August 8
Friday August 9
FetishCon Shoots

FetishCon Shoots
CockNinja - Akira Shell - JJDeepstroke - BadKittyKatt
Lets Fuck Again

We didn’t get enough of each other or is it the ganja that kept us horny as hell? Either way we had to fuck again! I start with kissing his lips, moving down to his nipples to hear him moan, tracing all down his flat stomach, dropping to my knees to slide his briefs down and his hard cock bonks me on the nose! I get the message and quickly start sucking his big black dick, licking and sucking his balls until clothes start coming off cause I need his dick in my pussy. We fuck like crazy until he spills his seed on my belly.
Lets Fuck Again

Saturday August 10
Sunday August 11
Monday August 12
Tuesday August 13
Let's Masturbate Together

We haven’t seen each other in a long time. At least we can video chat with each other. I’m wearing a sexy negligee and high heels for you. I am horny. You are horny. So let’s masturbate together. Let’s get ourselves off while we dirty talk each other to orgasm.
Let's Masturbate Together

Wednesday August 14
POV Foot Worship 9

Two mature women are discussing their feet, the differences between their feet when they notice you. You, the foot perv who quietly snuck into the room to sit at the foot of the bed watching their toes wiggle, their soles fill with wrinkles as the scrunch their toes down showing you their nail polish color. They continue talking about their feet and teasing you until you cum all over their soles.
POV Foot Worship 9

Thursday August 15
Friday August 16
Sexy Night With My Lover

Peek in on a hot mature and her young lover as they are kissing and work their way up to hot passionate fucking before he dumps his hot seed in her pussy.
Sexy Night With My Lover

Saturday August 17
Bikini In Desert Windy

Photographer: Sydney Screams
Place: Las Vegas Desert
It was a windy day. While these pics came out good, as did most of them, these are mostly where the wind blows my hair around.
Bikini In Desert Windy

Sunday August 18
Monday August 19
Cameltoe Queen Rita

Coming 08/19/2019

Rita is the camel toe Queen. Today is Leilani’s day to pay homage to her queen. Leilani has been granted personal access to the queen and dares to challenge her. Rita quickly shows Leilani why she is the reigning Queen. Queen Rita is worshipped and pleasured by Leilani’s tongue.
Cameltoe Queen Rita

Tuesday August 20
Wednesday August 21
POV Foot JOI 16

Coming 08/21/2019

Leilani is on her phone catching up with her emails, texts, social media when she sees you sitting on the floor close by. Are you trying to smell her feet? Cum closer darlin, bury you nose in the base of my toes and inhale deeply. She encourages you to sniff the smell right off her feet, use your tongue to clean the scent off her feet. Go ahead, pull your dick out and stroke yourself off while she continues to tease you. She even sucks her toes for you.
POV Foot JOI 16

Thursday August 22
Friday August 23
Teacher Wants You

Coming 08/23/2019

Teacher has seen the man of one of her students and wants him. She purposely starts failing her student so the man she wants will meet her to discuss the issue. She has him come to her house. He is very upset but she promises she will correctly grade her student if he will just fuck her once. She keeps reaching for his dick, until he gives in and lets her give him a blowjob. He consents to fucking her and does so with a vengeance. He tries to pull her off when he cums but she wants his seed and stays on him to milk him of every drop.
Teacher Wants You

Saturday August 24
Sunday August 25
Monday August 26
After Workout Orgasms

Coming 08/26/2019

Working out, riding my exercise bike gets my endorphins flowing and makes me really horny. Why not work out my pussy and have a few orgasms? Good way to finish a work out!
After Workout Orgasms

Tuesday August 27
Wednesday August 28
Stinky Pantyhose Worship

Coming 08/28/2019

Two beautiful mature, your roommates, just arrived home from work and kicked off their shoes. You casually walk into the living room and sit on the floor close by so you can let the smell drift into your nostrils and mouth. They finally realize why you do this almost every work day. They make you come closer so they can rub their stinky sweaty pantyhose wrapped feet all over your face, making you inhale deeply the scent of their cute feet.
Stinky Pantyhose Worship

Thursday August 29
Friday August 30
Fucking My Fuber Driver

Coming 08/30/2019

A sexy milf left her phone in her Fuber drivers car. He was so cute, she wants him to come back to her house. He shows up at her door, she answers in lingerie and asks how she could ever repay him for returning her phone, while she quickly pulls him inside. She wants to fuck him. He agrees and she leads him to her bedroom, strips him down and drops to her knees to suck his cock. When he is raging hard, he pulls her up to strip her down and fucks her good before he cums on her ass.
Fucking My Fuber Driver

Saturday August 31
Leilani In Leather Windy

Coming 08/31/2019

Photographer: Sydney Screams
Place: Las Vegas Desert
It was a windy day. While these pics came out good, as did most of them, these are mostly where the wind blows my hair around.
Leilani In Leather Windy