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My CO2 Laser Peel Experience
04/01/2024 11:22am

In trying to keep my face looking young, I have been doing different facials, products and chemical peels. It seemed like it was a slow process. I started thinking about fillers or possibly a strong laser peel. I arranged a consultation to discuss the different options available. Turns out to accomplish what I want, I like to be as natural as possible, a CO2 Laser Peel was determined to be the best option.

My appointment was scheduled out about 2 months. The day arrived. Merlin was driving me to the appointment, hanging around to drive me back home. I was asked if I wanted a valium. I said no and smoked a fat joint on the way to the appointment. They got me prepped by washing my face, putting numbing cream on, then shots to numb pain as well. They handed me a tube that gave off cool air for me to use on my face. With chemical peels it had been a small plastic fan. This was harder to control and keep on my face and not have it blocked by the doctor or tool he was using.

The machine was turned on and the first contact was made with my skin. Holy Fuck!! That was intense and I about came out of the chair. They wheeled in the laughing gas. I had never had laughing gas before, so that was an experience. I liked it, except it dried the hell out of my throat and every time there was intense pain, which was almost constant, I would pull it out of my mouth! gah

It was a crazy painful experience that I may never, ever repeat. I had a tube of cool air in one hand and the tube for laughing gas in the other hand. I was such a mess trying to work both and keep breathing to minimize pain. Yea, it didn't go well. 🤣

Since the procedure I have been in the recliner each night instead of my bed as they want my face elevated while resting to minimize swelling. My face looks absolutely disgusting right now. The everyday, multiple times a day cleaning process is to use vinegar water and gauze. Turns out my skin does not like vinegar water. I have raw skin spots on my face now. My skin is so tight, that I can't open my mouth very much. It makes it hard to eat, brush my teeth or talk. To be able to see when working on the computer, I need to wear reading glasses. Can't do that for very long because it hurts the skin.

I am such a mess and will likely be for the rest of this week. In case you are missing me on social media, know that I am home recovering and will reveal my face to y'all again soon!

Changes Coming December 12th

I'm excited for the changes and I hope you are too!
This is my way of helping out with the inflation we are all dealing with.
On Monday my membership site will change to streaming only.
The price will drop down to $14.99 a month.
Members have access to 1750+ videos and 12,000+ photos.
Every week I release 3-4 new videos.

Plus .. the price to buy or rent my videos will be lowered as well. 😃
Actually, prices on my store will be lowered before Monday.

Going forward, you will see videos released on my store first.
It will be a bit haphazard as I will release as soon as they are edited and available to upload.
Currently I have a couple dozen or more videos to release on the store.

UPDATE: There were just about 4 dozen videos to change the release date on my store.
There will be a new video or on my store every day through the middle of January.

You will start to see changes to my site today as I work on verbiage here and there.
Through the weekend you will start to see new videos on my store and prices lowered.
I want to get the word out as quickly as possible so no one is blindsided by the change.

Any comments, questions, complaints .. please email me at theLeilaniLei@gmail.com

I am asked this question a LOT. lol There is not an easy answer. It is different for everyone. This is why I do my Meet Series so that you can hear from the guys themselves how they got into the industry. It is not an easy thing to do. For men it is harder than for women. The statistic I hear is 1 in 100 guys can actually perform in front of a camera and crew. The path into the industry is very different for men than women.

One thing to keep in mind, doing porn affects the rest of your life. Do not make this decision lightly. Once you have done a porn video, your other job choices have significantly lowered. Society as a whole views porn negatively even though damn near everyone has sex. So most companies will fire you if they find out you have done porn. The discrimination is real and very strong.

Have you decided on a porn name yet? Remember your name along with you is your brand. So choose your name wisely. Then do a search of the name on the internet. Does anyone else have the name? Are they in the adult industry? Don't use it. Choose a different name. If you find the name you have chosen, is of a well known or famous person in the non-adult world, you might want to choose a different name. Once you have chosen your stage name, get an email with your stage name and even a domain in your stage name. Set up your social media with your stage name as well.

So first things first .. you need to start a business. Pick a company name and incorporate. Literally start a LLC or Corporation. Everything should run through your business. Now set up a bank account for your business. Business and personal funds should always be kept separate. Don't forget to set up all your social media profiles for your business. Decide if you will use clip stores or will you build your own sites. Do you want to be in control or do you prefer to be at the whim of other people's platforms? Learn how to market yourself. Marketing is the biggest component of this business. If no one knows you exist, you won't make money. Something to keep in mind .. you should have multiple income streams. Do not depend on one platform for your income as it may disappear one day. Or even worse, you might be deleted for one reason or another.

Do you have a camera, tripod, computer, editing program?

Do you know what type of content you want to film?

Men, be aware that you will have a tough time getting started as most women want to see that you have experience and a site of content whether it be a clip site or a membership site. How do you honestly get started in the adult industry? It is a very different path for men than women. I am a women so I really don't know how to tell you to get started other than basic info here. Your pornhub profile with several videos of you wanking for 1-2 minutes is not considered experience. We all know how to masturbate and get ourselves off.

Women do have it easy in this industry. You could even say that women are THE asset in the adult industry. Women are paid more, pampered more, get more work and shown off more. Men, you are the ones that are supposed to help make the woman look good in addition to getting hard, staying hard, cumming on command, keeping open for the camera so the action is captured for everyone to see. oh and sex positions are not always comfortable when you are fucking for the camera. But it looks hot! lol

Also keep in mind that porn is forever. It may affect you getting other jobs in the future so you need to be sure this is what you want to do for the rest of your life. Seriously .. porn is forever.

How did most get into this industry? Research!! Constant research. Google becomes your best friend. Or YouTube. Or your local bookstore.Whatever your preferred method of research is. Research! Plus lots of hard work. As with any business you will be working 7 days a week. 7 long days a week. General rule of thumb concerning starting a business is that it takes 2-5 years to break even. The adult industry is a bit different. You don't need a lot of money to get started. You CAN make a lot of money quickly or it could take awhile to build your business. Either way, invest any profits (extra money after all bills are paid) back into your business until you have the all equipment you need. Always have a rainy day fund in case you lose a profile or get kicked off a platform that you were making money on.

Here are a couple of sites I know of with a ton of great information on the industry ..

How to Be A Porn Star

Webcam Startup

Inspire by FSC

Centro University

PervOUT Education

Adult Biz Law

Get Me Into Porn

Sex Work CEO

Performer Training

Webcam Startup has info on clip sites, phone sex, fan clubs and so much more than just cams.

I am sure there are many more sites with information about getting started in the adult industry. 10 years ago, when I first started there was not all this information out there on how to make it in this industry. There were not even as many sites to sell your work on. One thing about this industry is that you need to be diverse. You need multiple income streams. Some do this as a full time career others do it part time.

So this is the basic information. My best advice is to always be professional. Remember this is a job, a career, so act like it. Good luck!

Happy New Year!

May it be a fabulous and prosperous year for everyone! It is the start of not only a new year but also a new decade. I'm excited.

2019 was a wonderful year for me in so many ways. I bought a house and a new vehicle. Work grew and expanded in different ways as I concentrated more on the XXX content. Fetish falls into my lap on a continuous basis and I actually turned down a lot of fetish work. If you look at the calendar you will see that I have fetish videos scheduled into September of next year. So I will be doing even less fetish this year but more XXX scenes. I met new people, learned new things, tried new sites. It feels like it was just an amazing year for me. Numbers at the end of the year were less than the year before. First time since I started that my income did not increase by 6-10% over the past year. So that was a bit of a bummer. But the really cool thing is all my editing work was done before the end of the year. I was able to take a few days off and relax during the holidays. That was a first and I really liked it. :)

Unfortunately this year started off with me putting my back out again. Literally, on the first day of the year, early in the morning. Oh I was pissed off. I knew I needed to see the chiropractor but was putting it off for a week. I typically see the Chiropractor twice a month. Last September my daughter started surgical tech school. She has been saving her money for a brand new car for several years. But decided she wanted this school even more. But to make sure she has enough to support her and pay for the school she asked me to sponsor her chiropractor appointments for the 9 months of school. So I gave up one of my appointments each month and send the money to her so she can see the chiropractor at least once a month.

New things I would like to add this year but can only do with YOUR help: Go to more expo's and conventions to meet you, my fans in person. I would like to go to Exxxotica NJ later this year as it and AVN are the ones I am asked if I am going to the most. Going forward I would like to start attending both events. But need more support from my fans to do so. I would also like to do audio files for y'all. I'm not sure what platform or site I can use to post them for y'all. Since I picked up a writer for my scripts, I would like to do more shoots where I pay the models giving you more exclusive content. Let me know who you want to see me work with. My writer wants to write a script for me and Riley Reid. :)

I do have New Years Resolutions. I have already given up cigarettes (again!) and started to work out until my back went out. The working out definitely needs to continue and will as soon as I can in about a week. Mainly I just want to take better care of myself. I take care of my business and everything but ME. So this year I take care of myself. Me first. Time to become the best me that I can physically. Mentally I am doing pretty damn good. :)

What I ask of you my fellow pervs is your fabulous continued support and spread the word about me to everyone you know. Help me to get to NJ Exxxotica and in coming years to AVN. If Exxxotica is in Florida again, I will attend. I want to meet as many of you as I can!

I'm excited for the new year! Are you?

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