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Join VNALive?
I may be joining VNALive and doing a cam show here on my site for one hour a week. Keep an eye out here for more details hopefully soon!

Streaming VS Downloading

Hello my fellow pervs, loyal fans and members!

So I have been doing a lot of thinking about Streaming vs Downloading on my site. I sent out a mass email to all current members about a month or so ago and have only heard back from less than 2% of you. Of those who responded only 20% said to keep the downloading option. Due to a low response it's hard to gauge what you prefer.

So what I am considering doing is streaming only older videos. Leaving the most recent 1-3 months available for downloading. What are your thoughts on this subject? After all, this site is for YOU.


Streaming Only??

Due to the amount of piracy this site deals with, I am seriously thinking of changing the site to STREAMING only.

However, I want YOUR feedback. YOU who are my loyal fans and have been members for years, whether constant or off and on.

I need to hear from ALL of you .. what are your thoughts on my site becoming streaming only?

All videos would be available for individual purchase .. except those in the Exlusive category.

Please let me know your thoughts by commenting on this post OR private message me.

Thanks y'all! xo

Move Complete!

The past month has been an intense whirlwind of activity!!

Since my last blog, we spent about 3 weeks packing up the house and getting ready for a road trip to Vegas. Drove to Vegas, spent a week filming (so much new hot content to release to y'all in the coming months!), drove back home, had 2 days until the closing on the new house, then the process of moving everything to the new house, unpacking and setting up.

So we are now all moved in, set up and ready to get back to work! Even have a shoot scheduled for the 13th of this month with Jake! So today I am catching up on posting advertising for the past month's releases to the many sites I use. Basically sitting in front of the computer all day long! lol

So happy everything worked out with our new house. It got really crazy for a bit during the process. The appraised value came in over $22,000 less than the sales price. The appraiser was obviously not from this area and did a very poor job. A re-consideration was requested with additional information supplied to the appraiser but of course the appraiser didn't change his mind. Appraiser's hate to be told how to do their job! lol But the seller eventually agreed to continue with the sale (thank goodness!) at the reduced price. I may have gotten one of the last houses this builder will build in this area. Wonder if that will increase the value of my house? lol

So now that I have spent all my saved money on this house and lost a lot of income during the move with the very little advertising I did during the past month, it is now time for me to get back to work and try to make the income up! Guess I just can't take any time off unless I am prepared to lose income.

Hope y'all had a wonderful April and let's have a rocking May shall we?

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