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Moving Soon!

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of activity. I was notified on Wednesday afternoon I had to be out of the house by end of July. The owner wants to move into his house. bleh

I had planned to renew the lease in April and start the house buying process in November or December of this year. It would have given me time to save additional money to make the move, to “put down” to keep the loan as low as possible. The best laid plans of mice and men. lol

So I made an appointment with a lender on Thursday, got pre-approved for a max loan amount I wanted, then headed to the realtor’s office to see what was available on the market in my parameters. Went and looked at all the houses. One I really liked, but it was higher than I wanted to spend. Clerical error the listing agent said. mmmm

Back home last night, I went through all the data and decided on a house, but wasn’t thrilled with it. I have bought a few houses over the years and have always been way excited about the house. Just wasn’t. Floor plan was ok, very reminiscent of a previous house I really liked. I could make it work. We start asking about changing flooring, nope, can’t change a thing. They are putting in carpet and linoleum. ugh Colors are beige and browns. ugh

In this area, homes have a septic system. The home I am currently in has this new fangled type that is actually a mini sewer plant in your yard. It has an alarm, it has to be maintained and checked every 6 months by the city health dept. They are a pain in the ass. It is the reason why an offer was not put in on the house I really liked because it had this system.

So I double check what type of septic system is going in the house I have settled on. I find out from the builder representative that all new homes have to use this one system. The kind I currently have and don’t like. But apparently there have been many improvements in the past 12 years and the system is really awesome these days. Well hell then, back to the original house I really liked! Took a second look and made an offer! So now I wait to hear back from the seller if they accept or counter. The process has begun. :)

The house is very different from anything I have had before. It is smaller than I was looking for, doesn’t have the extra bedroom I wanted, but it has all tile floors that look like wood flooring, quartz counters, big walk in shower, huge walk in closet, fairly private yard as no house on either side or in back, big patio. All the walls and cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom are white, the quartz counters are white with a bit of gray in them to go with the floor. It is fucking phenomenal!

I’m sending good vibes out to the universe .. this house is mine! :)

My 2019 Travel Schedule
For my Foot Fans!
If you would like to arrange to worship my feet at one of the below events, email me!

Las Vegas - April 11-16th - Shooting tons of new videos and offering Foot Sessions. Limited openings available for Foot Sessions.

XBiz Miami - May 28-31 - Will be offering Foot Sessions.

Exxxotica Miami - September 6-8 - Offering Foot Sessions. Booth times will be announced so fans can find me!

Fetish Con St Petersburg, FL - August 8-11 - I will probably have a location off site for shooting videos. Offering Foot Sessions too!

Hope to meet many of my fans at Exxxotica Miami!

Raven Eve, my foot twin, will be joining me on cam March 16th at 3-5pm EST. Cum join us! :)

For about a year now I have been thinking about ditching satellite and not using cable either. The cost keeps going up, especially since ATT took over our DirectTV. It's crazy how much is paid every month. I don't watch much TV but Merlin has news or sports on a good portion of the day. I need alternatives that are cheaper and still provide what we want to watch. There has to be a better way with all the options that are out there these days.

I should have been editing today but instead I spent the day researching streaming services. How it all worked, who offered what, for how much, what channels. Hell there are so many channels I have never even heard of. Mind boggling. So many options! It was almost daunting with the plethora of choices. Hours later, I settled on Roku. Going to try it out, see what all there is for free while researching all the different options for additional services. Main service will be DirectTVNow as it provides the must have channels for sports and news, plus others could care less about for 60% less than what I am currently paying. So now I just need a service for movies. Y'all have any recommendations?

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