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Upgrades to Site

Hello everyone!

Yesterday afternoon some upgrades were done to the site to help improve the quickness of pages loading. Hopefully you've seen some improvement.

Unfortunately after I went to bed last night, an update was done and something didn't go quite right. Y'all probably ran into some problems. I was aware right after I got up this morning. Unfortunately I didn't receive a reply until a little while ago. I did a quick fix until they were able to figure out the problem and get back to me. Hopefully the site wasn't affected too much today while they worked on it.

The update is now complete and I have not been able to find any problems so far. BUT if you run across something not working right, please let me know!

There are more changes that will be done in the near future to help speed the site up for y'all. They will be scheduled so I will notify you when it is supposed to happen and of course let you know when it is all completed.

The upgrades yesterday .. well my hosting company is so freaking good. I asked them about some things and if it was possible. An hour or two later, I receive a reply that it was done. :) I should know by now that if I ask them for information, if it is something they can do, they will.

Hope y'all are enjoying yourselves! 💋

Rental Option Removed

The option to rent videos at LeilaniLeiStore has been removed. It appears too many are having problems playing the video, plus those of you who have notified me. Unfortunately neither myself or my programmer can duplicate the issue. We have tried on a few browsers with no problems. If we can't duplicate the issue, my programmer can't figure out what goes wrong for some people.

Due to the diligence of one customer, who figured out the problem was the browser. By using another browser the video played. The information was added to the FAQ page. But still I see rental sales and then a few minutes later, it is rented again or it is bought. After much thought, I removed the rental option to remove the frustration I'm sure is felt by some customers.

If y'all have any suggestions to improve your experience here, please let me know! You can email me or private message me. Email is best for urgency. :)


Changes Are Coming!

Hello my fellow pervs!

I decided to no longer post updates on Saturday. Starting February there will be 2 fetish and 2 XxX videos a week for updates. Most weeks will also have a photo set update.

The reason for the change is so that I can more fully concentrate on being a cam model on Saturday and Sunday. I want to spend more hours a day on cam than I have been. Another reason is so that the site is more evenly divided between hardcore and fetish scenes. If anything I prefer to have more hardcore scenes! :)

If there is anything y'all would like to see more of, just message me your ideas. I would love to know what makes you explode!

Could y'all do me a favor? Please start writing reviews on the videos after you watch them! I would love to have your feedback.

Now I need to go find some new models to shoot more content with! Have a fabulous day y'all!



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

While 2017 was a challenging year, it turned out to be a great year. Websites were completely re-done from scratch. I expanded my marketing efforts to include several platforms to increase my exposure to more people. I have one more place I want to set up on and a bit more work to be done on my sites. The main focus in 2018 is filming. Lot's of filming! I didn't film as much as I would have liked last year so I really want to make up for it this year. :) I am now paying for talent more often so I can bring you more exclusive scenes. Thanks to all of you wonderful members here in helping make that happen! Your support of this site, after expenses, goes right back into making the site better and hiring models to shoot with. But next year, I am taking a weeks vacation at some point. lol It's been a long hard 5 years to get to this point. I am so grateful to all of you for making this a success. Hugs!

I had a blast last month renting a house with my girlfriend Sally D'Angelo. We rented a huge 6 bedroom house and had several male models come over. We filmed for 2 days and got about a dozen scenes each. So much fun was had. We will be doing this on the regular. We are planning our next one for March! Hopefully it will be warm and we might get to use the pool. lol

If y'all have an ideas for scenes, I would love to hear them! That is very high on my list of things to make time for. I have not allowed myself creative scene idea time. Although I will admit I lack creativity so I have to work a bit harder at it. So I am totally open to suggestions from y'all on what you would like to see. Send me a Private Message or email me any ideas you have. :)

Another goal of mine is to be a bit more active in writing blogs here. I can't even remember the last time I did. That is shameful! Slap me in the face with a hard dick!

May everyone have a fabulous year!

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