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Custom Videos

Want me to bring your fantasy to life on video?

Email your idea to .. theLeilaniLei@gmail.com

Let's discuss your idea first to be sure I am able to produce what you want.

Pricing starts at $15 a minute for me. Minimum video length is 10 minutes.

Adding additional models, props or using your name will increase the cost.

There are many ideas I have brought to life for fans. Let’s discuss YOUR idea!

Videos are shot in HD Quality - Delivered as 1280x720 mp4 files 

A camera man is used so nothing is shot from a tripod unless you request.

Videos are transferred via WeTransfer. You receive an email with a download link.

Please allow up to 7 days to receive your video once payment has been received.

Custom Photo Sets

Custom photo sets are $150 for about 12 pictures.

You decide what the theme is and what I wear or don't wear!

Customer Reviews

Thanks for the quick production and edit. A quick turn around but you took ample time with pre-production and post-production. Your verbal with the dildo was excellent. You really put everything into that. Darlin’ never sounded sexier.

I definitely need to send you a bonus. I love my baristas who I give 15%. You deserve more. The relative value of this video compared to others is high. You stopped everything to make a clip for me. And the video was absolutely perfect. I will go to your store and simply “purchase” another clip. That clip will be my gratuity. No need to make another video now. I am truly gracious. I might need to break up the gratuity into two installments. I just tipped over the piggy bank on my bed and I will see. I will standby for 24 hours before doing this just in case you propose a better way for sending a tip. If nothing heard, I will go with that course of action. There is no need for you to respond to this. You have already demonstrating great communication.

Oh, wow, those splash screens on your Wetransfer page were awesome. Well lit photography, beautiful legs and smile. Even made the download process enjoyable. You focus on the details. You go girl.

Thank you very, very much Leilani. Professional and absolutely excellent customer service.


I'm half way through the video and have had to stop myself from going further just yet as this video is really one to savour. You are an amazing performer - I find myself dumbfounded at some of the things you do and say to make this video unique to me. I didn't give you any cues for speaking about what I would be doing to enjoy this video to the full, but I'm so glad you don't beat about the bush. Motioning a footjob, wrapping your toes around the 'sensitive head', inviting me into your gorgeous arch - it's such a treat. Once I am a bit less dizzy I may have to order another (I hope you won't mind) from the most accomplished of foot models. Hearing how soothing and coaxing your voice can be, I might script your teasing an even bigger submissive (someone so powerless at the sight of your soles that he has to stop to write his goddess a thank you note).

Thank you sincerely for putting so much time and thought into this video, it's exactly how I dreamt it.


Why thank you. Wow! You are in tremendous shape. I renamed the file "Perfection2" because it best represents this fine work by you and your cameraperson (that work did not go unnoticed). I am not an audio guy but your microphone is insane. Very crisp audio to match unrivaled dialogue whether improvised or planned. I could make an audio only version and would still be on edge. Bravo!! You really took me on a beautiful journey as you must live in my head. You pressed the right buttons :). And your attention to detail with the photos is appreciated. I was less clear with the photo request but had 100% faith you would execute flawlessly. My goal was to keep the word count low in this response. But you know I could speak volumes. Another satisfied customer. Thank you again Leilani.

NOTE: We retain the exclusive right for distribution for all custom videos and photo sets that we produce. We grant the non-transferable, personal viewing license to the customer. Redistribution of content is illegal and punishable by law.

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