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Sunday March 28
Monday March 1
Shooting Scripted Scenes

Shooting Scripted Scenes
Shooting a couple of hot scenes with Jake
Garage Sale

Beth and Leilani are having a garage sale. But Beth finds a box of Leilani’s toys and gets very distracted. Together they have a 100% “Get Off” sale!
Garage Sale

Tuesday March 2
Wednesday March 3
You Missed My Feet

You say you missed me but you keep looking at my feet. You only missed my feet didn’t you? Perhaps I should make you my slave so you never have to miss my feet again.
You Missed My Feet

Wedgie N Feet

You dare to enter my room when your girlfriend leaves to the store? You were smelling my feet while I napped? This is not right. What would your girlfriend say if she found out? Your punishment is a hard wedgie and my feet shoved in your face smothering you.
Wedgie N Feet

Thursday March 4
Friday March 5
The Book Club Chapter 3

Leilani has rented out a room in her house to a nudist while he gets his degree at the local college. While holding a book club with Beth she realizes she did not tell Beth about him. Beth immediately gets down to the business of seducing him in the kitchen before the women pull him into a bedroom.
The Book Club Chapter 3

Saturday March 6
Sunday March 7
Shooting with Boyd Banks

Shooting with Boyd Banks
Shooting a couple of xxx scenes!
Monday March 8
Showering With Kenzi

Two mature women take a sensual shower together. Soaping each other up and using the water from the shower head to give each other orgasms.
Showering With Kenzi

Tuesday March 9
Wednesday March 10
Introducing Harley Hughes

Leilani introduces Harley and her cute smooth petite size 4.5 feet which she can’t wait to worship! Along the way they encourage you to jerk off.
Introducing Harley Hughes

Thursday March 11
Friday March 12
Office Shenanigans

The boss berates her assistant for a bad presentation. But she loved it the day before. Why is the boss being such a bitch? Leilani has had enough and confronts her boss. Turns out her boss is turned on by her assistant. What should they do?
Office Shenanigans

Saturday March 13
Sunday March 14
Monday March 15
Masturbation 36

I have been filming several video for y’all today and it got me horny as hell teasing y’all. So now I am going to masturbate myself to a wet mess with several orgasms. I love being multi orgasmic!
Masturbation 36

Tuesday March 16
Shoot with Don Grammar

Shoot with Don Grammar
Filming a couple of xxx scenes
Wednesday March 17
Stress Relief Foot Job

Joey has come in to the doctors office with a general feeling of malaise. After an exam, Leilani call sin her nurse to help her. Seems Joey has a case of blue balls and needs relief. Doctor and nurse work his big dick with their hands but notice he is looking at their feet. They drain his balls with a double foot job.
Stress Relief Foot Job

Thursday March 18
Friday March 19
Hot Neighbor 10

Kenzi and Leilani are hanging out. They hear a lawn mower. Is that their cute neighbor they want to bang? It is! They call him up and invite him over for a cold beer and a hot threesome fuck. They got carried away seeing him and forgot the beer but they did fuck him good.
Hot Neighbor 10

Saturday March 20
Sunday March 21
Monday March 22
POV Foot JOI 34

As milf Leilani slides her shoe on, she notices you staring at her. Well, her feet. You haven’t looked up into her face yet. She hasn’t even finished dressing and you are staring at her feet in clear heels. She decides she has a few minutes to tease you to an orgasm while showing off her feet to you.
POV Foot JOI 34

Tuesday March 23
Wednesday March 24
Relaxing Foot Massage

The Goddess gets a deeply relaxing foot massage. Her guy knows this will not do, to leave her in the chair slumped in sleep. He gently picks her up, admiring his massage handiwork. What a beauty his Goddess is. He must treat her well. He will put her to bed. He carries her through the house to the bedroom.
Relaxing Foot Massage

Thursday March 25
Friday March 26
Happy Ending Massage 11

Milf is massaging a cute young man and after peeking she discovers he has a big dick. Her pussy gets wet and she crosses professional boundaries. She wants his dick and he doesn’t say no.
Happy Ending Massage 11

Saturday March 27
Sunday March 28
Monday March 29
Quick Ball Drain

Are you ready to go out dancing yet? I have this hot outfit on and I am so ready to shake my ass. Is my outfit too hot? You seem to have a bulge growing in your pants. You flatter me but I don’t want quick sex tonight so let me tease you while you jerk off real quick. Then take me out and we will have sex for hours.
Quick Ball Drain

Tuesday March 30
Wednesday March 31
Follow The Scent Of My Feet

Leilani has her masked slave bound up. She has devised a devious game for him. Her slaves mask has no eye holes so he can’t see. She lets him smell her feet like a dog getting a scent and then makes him follow her feet if he really wants them. Can he find her feet again? Will he get to worship her feet?
Follow The Scent Of My Feet

Thursday March 1
Friday March 2
Saturday March 3