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Although I have to say, summer isn't really over here in Florida for at least another month. :)

It was an extremely busy summer for me. I was shooting damn near every week, many weeks we filmed 2 or 3 times. Fabulous fun was had. I even had 2 mini vacations! So many videos were filmed that updates are covered for the rest of the year and into next year. Damn I had so much fun this summer. lol The shooting frenzy stopped about 3 weeks ago and it's going to be another 3 weeks before my next shoot.

With no filming planned I decided to give up cigarettes again. I have not had one since Sept 8. I now vape CBD oil. I learned that I have a serious oral fixation. Did you know that? lol Seriously, every time I have quit smoking I learn something. Biggest lesson is I need to have a substitute. But I still felt discombobulated. Routine was all fucked up with no smoke breaks. I have more time, which has been great for all the editing work I've been doing. :) But it still took a bit of time to settle into a new routine. And I'm not done fucking with my routine yet either. LOL Working out is the next thing to implement into my routine. Y'all think I'm in good shape now? Just wait! :)

Since I was making these life altering changes, why not a few more changes? :) I'm sure you have noticed I have been a bit quiet on social media lately. My brain has been churning with so many things these past couple of weeks. Long term goals, short term goals, business decline and how to fix that. Sometimes I have to quietly go about my day with routine tasks and let my sub conscious do the thinking and try to put everything together. There has been some research and reaching out to others with questions.

Going forward I do plan on being more active here on my blog and on my JustFor.Fans profile. I'm going to be a slight bitch and not post as much pictures and videos on Twitter for all the free wankers. lol All of it will now go on my JFF profile. Little changes but hopefully all will be to your benefit and enjoyment. Everything I do is for my fans. Especially my loyal supporting fans like yourself. muah

As always, if you have any questions, compliments or complaints .. tell me!



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